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Unidentified Flying Light Orb Spotted By Multiple Witnesses In Night Sky Over California And Nevada

  An unidentified bright light was spotted hovering across the sky over California and Nevada,on Tuesday night.      Multiple witnesses start a discussion using social media over its origin. Was it a meteor ? A military experiment ? a space ship ?   @KTLA so this … Continue reading

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Mexico – UFO Photographed Above The Pyramid Of The Sun

  This is a very interesting report submitted to  MUFON  on June 25, 2015 –   On a trip to Teotihucan in Mexico, I took a photo of the pyramid of the sun. Later when I was reviewing my photo, … Continue reading

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Big Foot, Lake Monster and UFOs – Strange Encounter in The Alaskan Wilderness

  With 90,000 sq-km, Alaskan wildness is known for it’s strange stories of creatures and UFOs.  A documentary named ‘Alaskan Monsters’ is all about testimonies and stories on mysterious creatures strange lights and UFOs in wild Alaska.   Rob Roy painting of … Continue reading

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UFO Museum in Victoria, Argentina

  Located in Entre Ríos Argentina, there is an interesting UFO museum powered by Silvia Perez Simondiniis, that is really worth a visit.   Image:3.bp.blogspot.com The museum is holding what is, as alleged, a remains of an unidentified flying object that exploded on … Continue reading

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USA – A UFO Documented In Google Earth Street View Over Mount Shasta Ski Park

  USA California – A new UFO image on  Google Earth Street View, Stimulates excitement and discussion among UFO researchers and spiritual new age followers. The location of the images is the mysterious Mount Shasta.       (Available to view … Continue reading

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