The team of researchers integrated by archaeologists Alejandro Sarabia, Saburo Sugiyama, Enrique Perez Cortes and Nawa Sugiyama, announced this finding registered during explorations conducted in the 65-meters high pyramidal structure from 2008 to 2011.             Using the 116-meters long tunnel excavated in the 1930’s decade by […]

A well-preserved Jade Mask, Discovered in Pyramid of the Sun

after conducting a groundbreaking 3D scan of the iconic stones of Stonehenge, it was found that they designed to stand to get light up like a display in a modern museum. The new 3D laser technology revealed evidence of the importance of the midwinter sunset to the ancient creators of Stonehenge, along with […]

3D Laser scanning in Stonehenge indicates stones were aligned with ...

At Guimar, the company has built a beautiful museum as well as preserved and rebuilt several step pyramids and some sort of ancient ceremonial grounds that seem to honor the Summer Solstice.  The alignment of the pyramids is in synchronization with the movement of the setting sun that creates a […]

Step Pyramids Of Guimar, Spain

Konark is also known as Konaditya. The name Konark is derived form the words Kona – Corner and Arka – Sun; it is situated on the north eastern corner of Puri or the Chakrakshetra. Konark is also known as Arkakshetra. As the name suggests, the temple worships Surya (the Sun God). Shaped like […]

Konark Sun Temple