Star of David

The IBM team that took these images was the same one that took the first ever single-molecule image in 2009. The new work is so detailed that the type of atomic bonds between the atoms can be seen.   The team, which included French and Spanish collaborators, used a variant […]

Single molecule images published, shape looks like metatron cube

More than a mile underground in an Ontario mine is the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. The detector is located in the largest man made underground cavity in the world: a barrel 108 feet deep and 72 feet across forming a chamber roughly the size of a 10 story building. The entire […]

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory – A neutrino detector built into the ...

By Liron Raviv I took a walk noon time in the old city of Jaffa, dedicated it to the stones shape, sacred geometry, and enjoyed the sounds smells and a sea breeze. My eyes rest on a sign indicate that the city and the site is 4000 years old, a […]

A walk in the old city of Jaffa

Bishop David Oyedepo of Nigeria founded the Living Faith Church on May 2, 1981, and this church is part of 20 square kilometre (5,000 acre) sprawling complex named Canaanland, in town of Ota, near Lagos, Nigeria.  South West of the Church, and a part of this complex, is the campus […]

Canaanland, Nigeria –

There are some photos and records of missile bases and sites in maps softwares, arranged as the star of david. The reason is unknown and can raise a few speculations, since the powerful sacred geometry symbol can be connected to a lot of sources. Cuba – click to see full size: Fort Chaffee […]

Missiles bases sites arranged as the star of david –

The Israeli Persian Buttercup is native to Israel, and a survivor wildflower that thrives under the dry, harsh conditions found in that region of the world. Its existence alone provides an analogy of the surviving nature of the Israeli people, but when one looks closer an amazing image is revealed. […]

Cells of Native Israeli Resurrection Plant Reveal Surprising Shape: the ...

Fractals never stop surprising me. More then any other form of art fractal pictures are the art of the unexpected, derived from the universal Chaos. So imagine my surprise when I saw this strict geometrical orderly sign – the six-pointed star, which is also called “Star of David”. I soon […]

The star of david and fractals –

The Vitruvian Man is a famous drawing by Leonardo da Vinci made in 1490. The drawing reflecting the uses of proportions and symmetry of the human body as a symbol of perfection and harmony. It is an expression of the re-discovery of the mathematical proportions of the human body in the 15th […]

The Vitruvian Man And Da Vinci’s Merkaba