An unidentified bright light was spotted hovering across the sky over California and Nevada,on Tuesday night.      Multiple witnesses start a discussion using social media over its origin. Was it a meteor ? A military experiment ? a space ship ?   @KTLA so this just happened in Ventura…. #ufo — Kolbe Gillette (@TheRealKolbabe) […]

Unidentified Flying Light Orb Spotted By Multiple Witnesses In Night ...

  Travelers on a National Geographic – Lindblad expedition to Antarctica came across a white and light brown leucistic chinstrap penguin in Aitcho Island.     Unusual light coloring ​sets this penguin apart from its black-and-white brethren. Often mistaken for albinos, leucistic birds have a genetic mutation that restricts the dissemination […]

A Rare ‘white’ Penguin Spotted in Antarctica

A few minutes ago, at 19:18 , a bright fireball was spotted in the skies of southern Italy. The first reports Strait from Messina reported a fireball on the Ionian Sea , with director from north to south, greenish and very bright magnitude. We are awaiting further reports that allow us to understand the scope of the sighting. After […]

NEWS: Fireball spotted at the last hour in the skies ...