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Ethiopia – A New Development Of Towers That Harvest Clean Water From Thin Air

Ethiopia is known for the problem of lack of drinking water, sometimes the distance between the village drinking water reservoir is many hours and days of walking. This task is commonly carried out by the females in the family, who are … Continue reading

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What Cymatics and Sacred Geometry may teach us about the most harmonic sound ?

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration,it illustrates that when sound frequencies move through a particular medium such as water, air or sand, it directly alters the vibration of matter. During my research on sacred geometry i found out that … Continue reading

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Desert Spiral Breath

The Desert Breath is  a double spiral extra large piece of art located in the Egyptian desert. It was created by a group of three artists - Danae Stratou, Sculptor, Alexandra Stratou, Industrial Designer, and Stella Constantinides, and completed on March 7, 1997. It covers an area of about 360 metres by 300 … Continue reading

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Dunmore Pineapple – “The most bizarre building in Scotland”

The Dunmore Pineapple in Dunmore Park Scotland said to “rank as the most bizarre building in Scotland”. The unusual shaped structure, was originally build as a garden retreat and now acts as a haven for various species of wildlife.     Like all artistic undertakings, … Continue reading

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India – Giant Meditation Pyramid Decorated With A Spiral

The World’s Largest Meditation Pyramid in Pyramid Valley (located on Kanakapura road 35 Kms south of Bangalore), is an International Meditation Center serving individuals, societies and organizations in their quest for self realization and spiritual wisdom and helps them unlock their hidden potential. … Continue reading

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Spiral Wheels of China’s moon rover

To improve the lunar rover’s ability to proceed, China’s soace program scientists designed a new spiral wheel structure in the lunar rover, mainly discussing improving its ability to get across ditches and climb slopes. This rover only has two driven … Continue reading

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Beautiful Spiral Ice Pattern Extruded From Steel Fences And Pipes

  In 2007  James R. Carter (Professor Emeritus Geography-Geology Department) got a spicial images of ice growing from a metal fence on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Sent to him by Sheryl Terris,  it shows ribbons of ice emerging from where the … Continue reading

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Pop Colors Spiral Illusion

Look carefully at the image below. Do you see a couple of spirals, one blue and one green? Well, take a closer look – in actual fact, the blue and green are actually the same color. Don’t believe it ? … Continue reading

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Croatia: Newly-Discovered Transparent Snail

The newly-discovered species of cave-dwelling snail. Named Zospeum tholussum, the fragile and tiny snail has a translucent body and a beautiful dome-like shell that’s also almost completely transparent.   credit: http://www.sci-news.com Dr. Alexander Weigand of Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany discovered the snail … Continue reading

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Unknown Prehistoric Artifacts Found All Over the UK

Prehistoric artifacts of unknown origin were found mainly in Scotland and a few in England and Ireland. These strange artifacts are symmetrical in design and very skillfully manufactured. In form they appear to be quite modern, but they are not.   … Continue reading

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