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The Klerksdorp spheres

The Grooved Spheres aka the Klerksdorp spheres were found over the last few decades, by miners in South Africa. These spheres measure approximately 3 to 4 centimeters in maximum diameter, 2.5 centimeters in thickness and said to be made of metal ! … Continue reading

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Monument in Bosnia: ancient stone ball on top of pyramid

On the monument carved 3 elements from the sacred geometry followed and documented on this wes-site\project: pyramid, sphere,and a spiral. Asking our self again what the ancient ones saw in those symbols, and why do we seeing them in cultures … Continue reading

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London’s Natural History Museum Entrance

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Sphere Sculptures Around the World

These Sphere Sculptures have been placed all across the world without any kind  of mainstream media coverage giving basic information about them.  Are these  some kind a sign? It looks if a new world is emerging from an “old world”, … Continue reading

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