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Mexican Government Disclose Proof – Art Carvings Of E.T.’s And Ancient Space Travel

Newly released Mayan documents, shows artifacts, dating back at least 1300-year and might reveal that the human race is not alone and highly advanced technologies including space travel have likely visited earth for quite some time. 1] The two circles … Continue reading

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Artist’s concept of the Milky Way Galaxy

GLAST will provide detailed information on where stars are forming. Our Galaxy shape is the spiral known from the sacred geometry that can be seen in differnt examples in nature. Credit: NASA JPL

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The art of Joseph Skala

Visionary artist Joseph Skala relays waking life reality transmission through the vajra paintbrush. Through a great reverence for his craft and the channels in which he receives his downloads, Joe brings live visionary art to a new galactic level. He garners … Continue reading

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Count 13 (Sacred Geometry by ieoie)

its a symbolic path of manifestation from inside out drawing a triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, and heptagon with only using a ruler and a compas, then pull it into levels upward, this creates a grid for a cube with the … Continue reading

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Space Time illusion

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