An unidentified bright light was spotted hovering across the sky over California and Nevada,on Tuesday night.      Multiple witnesses start a discussion using social media over its origin. Was it a meteor ? A military experiment ? a space ship ?   @KTLA so this just happened in Ventura…. #ufo pic.twitter.com/hLT8dUVX1G — Kolbe Gillette (@TheRealKolbabe) […]

Unidentified Flying Light Orb Spotted By Multiple Witnesses In Night ...

Two cases of an appearance of UFOs over Jerusalem’s Old City, caused a storm  among scientists around the world. While there are those who dismiss with  contempt the possibility that aliens flying over the wall, other scientists argue: It  is very possible that the Wall is an attraction to creatures from outer […]

Mysterious Sightings Over Jerusalem: UFO Over The Western Wall