Trakiyskoto sanctuary Eagle Rocks is located in the Eastern Rhodopes , about 3 km. south of Ardino and 30 km. west of Kardzhali. This monument of the ancient Thracian culture is unique for Bulgaria and is one of the emblematic places, revealing part of the life of the rock people. […]

Eagle Rocks Sanctuary – a monument of ancient culture

On the monument carved 3 elements from the sacred geometry followed and documented on this wes-site\project: pyramid, sphere,and a spiral. Asking our self again what the ancient ones saw in those symbols, and why do we seeing them in cultures all over the world, in different time, and places.

Monument in Bosnia: ancient stone ball on top of pyramid

Devils Tower has become a popular landmark for UFO sightings ever since Steven Spielberg used the location in his 1977 film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” However, it’s been a “mystery” sort of place, say locals in Sundance, Wyoming, who “market” this monolith that rises nearly 900 feet above […]

Devils Tower calling UFO seekers, as mystery surrounds first national ...