The archaeological site Mrdaja is located on the shore of Lake Dojran, Macedonia. It was discovered in 2012 during construction work to expand the city beach in Star Dojran.  The site provided rich archaeological movable and immovable material,  and as the Ministry of Culture announced, the archaeological material chronologically belongs to the […]

Macedonia – Alien Looking Archaeological Artifacts Discovered at Mrdaja, Lake ...

  With 90,000 sq-km, Alaskan wildness is known for it’s strange stories of creatures and UFOs.  A documentary named ‘Alaskan Monsters’ is all about testimonies and stories on mysterious creatures strange lights and UFOs in wild Alaska.   Rob Roy painting of Hooper Bay, Alaska sighting. Image –   Cases like Big […]

Big Foot, Lake Monster and UFOs – Strange Encounter in ...

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While scanning underneath the waters of Lake Michigan for shipwrecks, archaeologists found something a lot more interesting than they bargained for, as they discovered a boulder with a prehistoric carving of a mastodon, as well as a series of stones arranged in a Stonehenge-like manner.   At a depth of about […]

Archaeologists Found A Stonehenge-like arranged boulders In Lake Michigan, One ...

It’s not clear what was caught on tape but it seems like a glowing underwater creature or under water equipment remote control hoax.       This actually started by a group going into the lake, in United Kingdom, to try and take pictures of paranormal orbs, ended up catching something […]

Unidentified glowing Creature Caught on Tape on a Lake in ...

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The still body of water Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania hide a deadly secret—it turns some animal it touches to stone. The rare phenomenon is caused by the chemical makeup of the lake, but the petrified creatures it leaves behind are straight out of a horror film. Photographed by Nick Brandt in his new […]

Tanzania – Lethal Lake Turns to Stone Animals That ...

In central Warren County, New Jersey,there is a two-lane rural road of about 7 miles (11.2 km) in length, that involves paranormal activity and local legends. It’s called “Shades Of Death Road”. Stories about the road’s evil past talked about bandits that killed their victims after robbing them on the road, brutal murders, weird car accidents and high […]

Shades Of Death Road, Ghost Lake And The Fairy Hole