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Japan – first images released from inside a melted reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant

  A unique  shape-changing entered the disaster zone through a pipe, and recorded the first spooky images from inside Fukushima mangled reactor. Images lit by a lamp on the robot showed steam around the chamber and debris that looked like small rocks and metal parts.   … Continue reading

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Japan – Mysterious Megalithic Sites Of Sakafune-ishi and Masuda Iwafune

  Sakafune-ishi is one of the most enigmatic megalithic stones in Japan and the Asuka district. The stone’s purpose of it is completely unknown, the name means “Wine-Ship-Stone” and it also contains a mystery.     Image: gudaragouri   ‘Sakafune-ishi’ remains are found around the hill … Continue reading

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Japan – A Rare Megamouth Shark Captured

An extremely rare megamouth shark was recently captured by a fishermen off the coast of southern Japan. It’s the 58th time in history one of its kind were seen or caught.    Image: wptv The first megamouth was discovered in Hawaii in 1976, … Continue reading

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Japan’s Ghost Island – Hashima

Hashima (Gunkanjima) Island aka Battleship Island, called so because of it’s shape (in WWI American submarines thinking it was a battleship, bombed it). The island was populated from 1887 to 1974 as a coal mining facility. In 1890 Mitsubishi started to build … Continue reading

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Did an alien vessel reach the coasts of Japan in 1803?

This has been more or less the question that many have asked since History Channel broadcasted a documentary about an old Japanese legend, displaying certain ancient drawings to the public that many did not hesitate to associate with an artistic … Continue reading

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