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Japan – A Rare Megamouth Shark Captured

An extremely rare megamouth shark was recently captured by a fishermen off the coast of southern Japan. It’s the 58th time in history one of its kind were seen or caught.    Image: wptv The first megamouth was discovered in Hawaii in 1976, … Continue reading

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Japan’s Ghost Island – Hashima

Hashima (Gunkanjima) Island aka Battleship Island, called so because of it’s shape (in WWI American submarines thinking it was a battleship, bombed it). The island was populated from 1887 to 1974 as a coal mining facility. In 1890 Mitsubishi started to build … Continue reading

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Did an alien vessel reach the coasts of Japan in 1803?

This has been more or less the question that many have asked since History Channel broadcasted a documentary about an old Japanese legend, displaying certain ancient drawings to the public that many did not hesitate to associate with an artistic … Continue reading

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Umibōzu – Japanese ocean ghost

Umibōzu (sea bonze) – a spirit in Japanese folklore. The Umibōzu is said to live in the ocean and capsize the ship of anyone who dares speak to it.    

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Multiple UFOs Sighted in Japan tsunami disaster

A number of UFO sightings, some coinciding with the natural disasters that happened, were videoed in Japan. A week before the 9.0-magnitude earthquake, on March 3, four UFOs were filmed hovering over the Haneda Airport. The four objects, three appearing … Continue reading

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Water – The Earth is largely made up of it. As are we… And yet about it we know significantly little

  Until the groundbreaking work of a pioneer Japanese researcher whose astonishing discovery about water, documented photographically, changed most of what we didn’t know…and led to a new consciousness of Earth’s most precious resource. Dr. Masaru Emoto was born in Japan … Continue reading

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Japanese Dragons

The awesome Dragon of the orient is sacred, beautiful, and blessed with infinite wisdom and vast knowledge. They are playful by nature, but also have the capacity to destroy entire cities with one swipe of their mighty claws and terrifying … Continue reading

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Yonaguni Under Water Pyramid

The Yonaguni Monument is a massive underwater rock formation off the coast of  Yonaguni, the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands, in Japan. There is a debate  about whether the site is completely natural, is a natural site that has been  … Continue reading

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Sama Chethiya (Rumassala- Srilanka)

  The Sama Chethiya in Rumassala was biuld by the japanese people as  a good will to the people of the area of Rumassala  Srilanka.   www.panoramio.com Sama Chethiya is located in a hillock and when you stand there you can see the … Continue reading

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Princess Kaoru Nakamaru and her 2012 message

 The granddaughter of the Meiji Emperor, Princess Kaoru Nakamaru spent her early childhood in the Forbidden Castle in China. While at Columbia University and in graduate school, she furthered her research into international politics and since 1970, as a journalist, … Continue reading

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