There is a site located on the northern shore of the Bay of Naples, Italy, that has long been involved with mystery, myth, and magic. Known as the Phlegræan Fields, it is a forsaken place; a barren wasteland strewn with rubble and intersected by deep underground vents that belch out choking fumes and […]

Italy – Mysterious Tunnels At Baiae

Located at the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, 30 miles from the historic metropolis of Turin, lies the valley of  Valchiusella. Between the medieval villages, deep underground, buried into the historical rock, the region’s greatest wonders are concealed. Here, 100ft down and concealed from manifeste see, lies an amazing secret. For weaving […]

Italy – The Mind Blowing Temples of Humankind

A few minutes ago, at 19:18 , a bright fireball was spotted in the skies of southern Italy. The first reports Strait from Messina reported a fireball on the Ionian Sea , with director from north to south, greenish and very bright magnitude. We are awaiting further reports that allow us to understand the scope of the sighting. After […]

NEWS: Fireball spotted at the last hour in the skies ...

Alberobello, whose population is about 11,000, dates to at least the mid-14th century when it was colonized by the Count of Conversano. The town’s distinguishing feature is its trulli, cone-shaped dwellings made from limestone. In this prehistoric construction technique, structures are built from interlocking rocks without the use of mortar. […]

Alberobello, Italy

Arezzo, November 15 – Italian paranormal-phenomena experts have been called to the Tuscan hilltown of Arezzo to probe a dozen alleged sightings of the ghost of legendary 18th-century alchemist, adventurer, con-man and occult dabbler ‘Count’ Cagliostro. “We aren’t here to ‘bust’ any ghosts, we simply study phenomena which appear strange,” […]

‘Cagliostro ghost sightings’ spook Arezzo – Spectre of 18th-century alchemist ...

It’s hard to believe that this jaw-dropping room is located in an abandoned castle in Tuscany, Italy.  Built in 1605 and once housed kings, Sammezzano Castle now sits atop a hill in a Tuscan oak tree grove untouched by modern times. Within the castle you can find the Peacock Room, a hidden […]

The Peacock Room – Castello di Sammezzano in Reggello, Tuscany, ...

In a beautiful region called Lago di Piediluco, home to many vacationing Umbrians and the national Italian rowing team, this area is almost tourist-free, There are wonderful terraced restaurants and lookouts all along this lake to pass a few relaxing hours. At the town of Piediluco, the lakeview is dominated by […]

Echo Mountain – Lago di Piediluco