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Caesarea, Israel – Divers find a record breaking treasure of ancient gold coins

  Scuba divers have discovered the largest trove of gold coins ever found off Israel’s Mediterranean coast — about 2,000 pieces dating back more than 1,000 years, declared by the country’s antiquities authority.   Photo: AFP/Israel Antiquities Authority   “The largest … Continue reading

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Israel – Ancient monastery mosaic floor were discovered in the northern Negev

Monastery decorated with Byzantine mosaic uncovered during infrastructure  work conducted by the Israeli Lines Company paving new interchange on the  road to settle Hura northern Negev. The building, measuring approximately 700  square meters, divided into several halls most notably the prayer room and dining  room. … Continue reading

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First Funeral Flowers 14,000 years old Found in Israel

According to archaeology.org The Natufian hunter-gatherers who lived in Raqefet Cave some 14,000 years ago are the earliest known prehistoric people to systematically bury their dead in cemeteries, and they may have been the ancestors of the first farmers. Recent excavations at … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Decalogue Stone -

By AARON JUDKINS The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone is a large boulder on the side of Hidden Mountain, near Los Lunas, New Mexico that bears an ancient inscription carved into a flat panel in the rock. The stone is also known as the Los … Continue reading

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A walk in the old city of Jaffa

By Liron Raviv I took a walk noon time in the old city of Jaffa, dedicated it to the stones shape, sacred geometry, and enjoyed the sounds smells and a sea breeze. My eyes rest on a sign indicate that … Continue reading

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Cells of Native Israeli Resurrection Plant Reveal Surprising Shape: the Star of David

The Israeli Persian Buttercup is native to Israel, and a survivor wildflower that thrives under the dry, harsh conditions found in that region of the world. Its existence alone provides an analogy of the surviving nature of the Israeli people, … Continue reading

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Ancient skeleton of a witch/shaman discovered in Galilee Israel

A 12 thousand years old Witch skeleton was discovered during excavations of archaeologists from the Hebrew University in Hilazon Cave. With her skeleton another skeletal remains were discovered – 50 turtles, leopard and a human foot. Hebrew University archaeologists found in … Continue reading

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Archeologists find evidence of the obliteration of Sodom-Gomorrah

By - DR. EOWYN Since God created the world, and since science is all about studying the natural world, there is no intrinsic reason why science and religion, specifically Christianity, should be at loggerheads. Indeed, as science becomes more advanced, more … Continue reading

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Seed of Life

The “Seed of Life” is formed from seven circles being placed with sixfold  symmetry, forming a pattern of circles and lenses, which act as a basic component  of the Flower of Life’s design. The Seed of Life is a symbol … Continue reading

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Mysterious Sightings Over Jerusalem: UFO Over The Western Wall

Two cases of an appearance of UFOs over Jerusalem’s Old City, caused a storm  among scientists around the world. While there are those who dismiss with  contempt the possibility that aliens flying over the wall, other scientists argue: It  is very possible … Continue reading

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