A unique and amzing discovery was made in one of the earliest Anglo-Saxon Christian burial sites in Britain, in a village outside Cambridge. The grave of a teenage girl from the mid 7th century AD has an extraordinary combination of two extremely rare finds: a ‘bed burial’ and an early Christian […]

Mysterious Body Of An Anglo-Saxon Teen Buried With Gold ...

  Jim Onan was a man who always interested in the Egyptian culture and stumbled upon a university study one day suggesting that pyramids at Giza generated energy. Jim came from humble beginnings, He had 5 children with his his wife Linda and he was a hardworking man who built his […]

A Man Built A Gold Pyramid Home in Illinois And ...

  Scuba divers have discovered the largest trove of gold coins ever found off Israel’s Mediterranean coast — about 2,000 pieces dating back more than 1,000 years, declared by the country’s antiquities authority.   Photo: AFP/Israel Antiquities Authority   “The largest treasure of gold coins discovered in Israel was found in […]

Caesarea, Israel – Divers find a record breaking treasure of ...

  A team of Michigan State University researchers have discovered a bacterium that has the ability to withstand incredible amounts of toxicity to create 24-karat gold. This process, known as microbial alchemy, will help scientists turn a substance of no value into a solid, precious metal.   The team was led by Kazem […]

Alchemy secrets exposed? Scientists Use Super-Strong Bacteria to Produce 24K ...

Evidently, the evidence for the ancient Panamanian civilization began to be uncovered some time ago: “In the late 1920’s, following floods that changed the river’s course, natives traveling along the Rio Grande de Cocle, just 100 miles from the Canal Zone, had one of modern man’s earliest glimpses of this […]

The Gold Treasure Of The Chiefs of Panama –

The stupa of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar (Burma) glistens in gold. Photograph by Günter Gräfenhain, Huber/SIME. Shwedagon Zedi Daw, the 99 meter gilded pagoda situated on a hill in Yangon, is the most sacred of Myanmar’s Buddhist sites. Situated west of Kandawgyi Lake, high up on Singuttara Hill, its golden dome, reputedly tipped with […]

Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar