On the active volcanic Indonesian island of Java, an astonishing architectural wonder of Paleolithic civilization is being discovered by extensive archaeological excavations at a sacred temple mount in Cianjur, West Java,  known as Gunung Padang, or ‘Mountain Meadow’. Recent research at this sacred mountain site has revealed the volcanic core has been redesigned to […]

Giant Step Pyramid Has Revealed At Gunung Padang, Indonesia

  Africa’s Fairy Circles phenomenon are circular patches of land that have long baffled scientists and generate a debate about the causes of the circles. The investigation and development of theories have included numerous theories both mundane and supernatural. Their mysterious nature has perhaps deepened with a new finding that the circles share […]

Namibia’s Fairy Circles One Of Nature’s Greatest Mysteries Share Pattern ...

Photographer Ben Matthews is a UK-based dentist by day and a light artist by night who frequently seems to have alien encounters at his local skatepark. Over the years, he’s become very skilled at capturing them on film as aliens are shy creatures. For the very first image, for example, […]

Incredible Sacred geometry Light Illuminates Skatepark

The Bauhaus, as a teaching institution for the arts, was established in 1919, in an attempt to unify all of the arts in, as its founder Walter Gropius expressed it, a “cathedral of Socialism.” Oskar Schlemmer, a leading practitioner of Bauhaus, viewed three elements of the theater: man in space; […]

Choreography, geometry work and research of Oskar Schlemmer –

The Flower of Life has twelve centres around a column of seven levels. The octave has 7 tones but there are also five elevated tones (black keys on the piano keyboard). There are actually 12 so-called half tones in an octave. The black keys correspond to the five back-side vortices […]

Dodecahedral Geometry Of The Bodies Auric Field And Chakra Symmetry.