A unique  shape-changing entered the disaster zone through a pipe, and recorded the first spooky images from inside Fukushima mangled reactor. Images lit by a lamp on the robot showed steam around the chamber and debris that looked like small rocks and metal parts.    Image:   The video also showed numerous white spots […]

Japan – first images released from inside a melted reactor ...

  Scientists at Harvard University have managed to convey a message from one brain to another located at distance of more than 6,000 km. They claim this is the first telepathy experiment successfully passed.     During the experiment the scientists hooked up  electromagnetic wireless helmets  with internet connection to two people, […]

A Message From Brain To Brain – A First Successful ...

Duke engineers have Presented the world’s first 3D acoustic cloak. The new device distorts sound waves to give the impression an object is not present. The device is the first of its kind able to acoustically cloak sound coming from any direction.    Credits: Nature Materials/Duke   “The particular trick we’re performing is […]

Duke engineers produced the first 3D acoustic cloaking pyramid

Researchers from LMU University in Munich, Germany, have created the first ever lab-made volcano to study volcanic lightning and the first artificial volcano capable of simulating the lightning flashes seen in real-life eruptions. Volcanic lightning, also known as dirty thunderstorms, is capable of producing some of the most powerful and visually striking […]

News – First Volcanic Lightning Created in a Lab

According to The Natufian hunter-gatherers who lived in Raqefet Cave some 14,000 years ago are the earliest known prehistoric people to systematically bury their dead in cemeteries, and they may have been the ancestors of the first farmers. Recent excavations at the cave, which consists of five chambers, have uncovered 29 […]

First Funeral Flowers 14,000 years old Found in Israel