So far the ‘fairy circles’ phenomenon has occurred only in Namibia , but recently, researchers found large similar circles in Australia and they brought them closer to solving one of nature’s mysteries.    Image: Stephan Getzin   The grass-rings that pockmark southern Africa’s Namib Desert have baffled scientists for decades. A popular theory […]

Namibia’s ‘fairy circles’ mystery might solved

  Africa’s Fairy Circles phenomenon are circular patches of land that have long baffled scientists and generate a debate about the causes of the circles. The investigation and development of theories have included numerous theories both mundane and supernatural. Their mysterious nature has perhaps deepened with a new finding that the circles share […]

Namibia’s Fairy Circles One Of Nature’s Greatest Mysteries Share Pattern ...

In central Warren County, New Jersey,there is a two-lane rural road of about 7 miles (11.2 km) in length, that involves paranormal activity and local legends. It’s called “Shades Of Death Road”. Stories about the road’s evil past talked about bandits that killed their victims after robbing them on the road, brutal murders, weird car accidents and high […]

Shades Of Death Road, Ghost Lake And The Fairy Hole