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Drakospito The dragon house in Greece

The dragon house (drakospito) nestles just underneath Ochi’s highest peak. In southern Karystos over 20 such houses have been found, most in the region of Styra. The one that is near the summit of Ochi is the most significant. This … Continue reading

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Thailand – The mysterious giant dragon temple Wat Samphran

The Wat Sanpran Dragon Temple in Bangkok, Thailand is a 16-storey red tower with a statue of a dragon wound around it. The temple complex consists of smaller temples and many statues inspired by dragons and the chinese zodiac.     The … Continue reading

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Incredible Picture of a ‘Dragon Cloud’

Dragon shaped cloud spotted over Monument Rocks Natural Area in Kansas –     Monument Rocks (also Chalk Pyramids) are a series of large chalk formations in Gove County, Kansas, rich in fossils. They are estimated to have been formed 80 million years … Continue reading

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Dragon Statue In Town Hall, Munich, Germany

The New Town Hall is a town hall at the northern part of Marienplatz in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It was built between 1867 and 1908 by Georg von uberrisser in a Gothic Revival architecture style, and hosts the city government including the  citycouncil, offices of … Continue reading

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Eternal Flame Falls – The eye of the dragon

Located in the Shale Creek Preserve along a section of the Chestnut Ridge Park, near Buffalo, New York, It has a rather interesting phenomena associated with it. The falls sits on a pocket of natural methane gas, which seeps out … Continue reading

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