A huge dragon statue has just appeared overnight on the banks of a Welsh castle.   Image: Wales News Service   The dragon, which is four meters long and weighs 1 ton, has reptile-like black and red scales, smoke-flaring nostrils, and an outreached claw. The figure was sculpted and molded before being […]

UK – A Giant Dragon Statue Installed Overnight On The ...

The Wat Sanpran Dragon Temple in Bangkok, Thailand is a 16-storey red tower with a statue of a dragon wound around it. The temple complex consists of smaller temples and many statues inspired by dragons and the chinese zodiac.     The dragon itself is reportedly hollow, and visitors are able to […]

Thailand – The mysterious giant dragon temple Wat Samphran

Dragon shaped cloud spotted over Monument Rocks Natural Area in Kansas –     Monument Rocks (also Chalk Pyramids) are a series of large chalk formations in Gove County, Kansas, rich in fossils. They are estimated to have been formed 80 million years ago. On January 29, 2008, Monument Rocks and Castle Rock 31 miles […]

Incredible Picture of a ‘Dragon Cloud’

The New Town Hall is a town hall at the northern part of Marienplatz in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It was built between 1867 and 1908 by Georg von uberrisser in a Gothic Revival architecture style, and hosts the city government including the  citycouncil, offices of the mayors and part of the administration. Andreas Huschka The […]

Dragon Statue In Town Hall, Munich, Germany

In Dublin, Ireland, stands an estate reminiscent of old folklore, complete with its own dragon! Of course, dragons are mythical creatures, so this home only has a dragon made of steel which acts as its gatekeeper. The property, known at Harlech House, was originally built in 1798 by a Welsh immigrant. […]

Mythical Dragon Gate Protects Home

What do you see when you look up to the top of the great cathedral of Notre Dame? You see monsters, half-man and half-beast. These demon looking creatures carved out of stone are called gargoyles. They are one of the many eerie stone figures that adorn the gutters of the […]

The Gargoyles Of Notre Dame

  Mushussu (also known as Mushhushshu or Sirrush) is the Dragon of Babylon and one of two animals depicted on the Ishtar Gate. It is depicted here on a kudurru (boundary stone) with divine symbols. This limestone kudurru dates back to the Second Dynasty of Isin, 1156-1025 BC. Newly unearthed […]

Mushussu, Dragon of Babylon –

Dragon sculpture in the cloister of Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Hieronymites Monastery), Belém, Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal. http://www.pinterest.com The Hieronymites Monastery (official name: Mosteiro da Santa Maria de Belém), located near the shore of Rio Tejo (Tagus river), is one of the most prominent monuments of the Manueline style architecture. Along with […]

Dragon spiral sculpture Lisbon, Portugal

According to legend, the Yellow Emperor used in his family’s sign a  dragon/snake, and every time he conquered another tribe, he added, the symbol  of the tribe to the sign. Huang Di Hai lives an eternal life as the dragon that  depicted in his symbol. This explains why the Chinese dragon […]

Chinese Dragon

The awesome Dragon of the orient is sacred, beautiful, and blessed with infinite wisdom and vast knowledge. They are playful by nature, but also have the capacity to destroy entire cities with one swipe of their mighty claws and terrifying magic. They are associated with wealth, water and wisdom. All humans desire […]

Japanese Dragons

a road bridge located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It crosses the Ljubljanica River. between Kopitar Street (Kopitarjeva ulica) and Ressel Street (Resljeva cesta), to the north of the Ljubljana Central Market at Vodnik Square. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century, when Ljubljana was part […]

The Dragon Bridge