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Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA

New research from Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, has shown that it is possible for some information to be inherited biologically through chemical changes that occur in DNA. During the tests they learned that that mice can pass on learned … Continue reading

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Soul Technology : The Internal Stargate

Marko Rodin has discovered the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron. Although scientists know that all electrons in the universe spin, they have never discovered the source of this spin. Rodin has. He has discovered the underpinning geometry … Continue reading

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Akhenaten and his family

The Pharaoh Akhenaten was known as the Heretic King. He was the tenth King of the 18th Dynasty. Egyptologists are still tying to figure out what actually happened during his lifetime as much of the truth was buried, for all … Continue reading

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Son’s DNA found inside mother’s brain

Mothers always have their children in the back of their minds – now it seems that this is quite literally true. Fetal DNA can enter a mother’s brain and remain there for decades, according to autopsies of female brains. During … Continue reading

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Pech Merle horses mysterious spots

New DNA evidence shows that the spots on the horses depicted in the famous Pech Merle cave paintings are realistic, potentially changing our view of what the images mean. By Ben Knight D W The horses in the Pech Merle cave … Continue reading

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Antarctic lake home to ancient life

Beneath the icy surface of a buried Antarctic lake, in super-salty water devoid of light and oxygen that is also cold enough to freeze seawater, researchers have now discovered that a diverse community of bacteria has survived for millennia.   … Continue reading

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Finger Of A Giant Found In Egypt

A 15 inch long human finger has been found in Egypt and pictures of it are being released for the very first time.  BILD.de broke this story, and it is spreading like fire all over the Internet.  According to BILD.de, … Continue reading

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The Snake People and the Ant People

The Apache and other Pueblo Indians, such as the Zunis and Hopi, have legends about their ancestors emerging from an underground world, generally after some  cataclysmic event, as if a cycle in time, or another reboot in the programmed  realities of the … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design

Theory claims that there are natural phenomenas that the best way to explain them is that they were designed by the force majeure. Supporters of intelligent design seek scientific phenomena that science can not explain and present them as evidence … Continue reading

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Linguistic Languages And Sacred Geometry

Geneticists have discovered that human DNA undergoes an evolutionary jump by activating some junk DNA when a person is sending positive frequencies through positive affirmations in gratitude. All linguistic languages can be mapped from sacred geometry in the Flower of … Continue reading

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