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Macedonia – Alien Looking Archaeological Artifacts Discovered at Mrdaja, Lake Dojran

  The archaeological site Mrdaja is located on the shore of Lake Dojran, Macedonia. It was discovered in 2012 during construction work to expand the city beach in Star Dojran.  The site provided rich archaeological movable and immovable material,  and as the Ministry … Continue reading

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Kenya – Archaeologist Discovered The World’s Oldest Stone Tools, 3.3 Million Years Old

  During the annual meeting of the Paleoanthropology Society in San Francisco California‏, archaeologist Sonia Harmand of Stony Brook University in New York,  portrayed the discovery of the oldest tools made by human ancestors—stone flakes dated to 3.3 million years ago. That’s 700,000 years … Continue reading

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Ancient Human Fossils Discovered In Laos Indicates Early Human Migrated To Asia earlier than main stream scientists thought

According PLOS ONE, An ancient human skull and a jawbone discovered in a cave located in northern Laos, add to the evidence that early modern humans were physically quite diverse.    Image: www.bibliotecapleyades.net   The skull and the jawbone, found a few … Continue reading

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A Giant Underwater Obelisks Or Towers Discovered At The Exact Opposite Side From The Great Pyramid

New discovery made using Google earth suggesting that there is an unknown and very high obelisks or towers located  in the pacific ocean exactly on the opposite side from the great pyramid in Giza.  Near the ‘ obelisks’ there is what seems like a structure and … Continue reading

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California – Massive Artificial Underwater Entrance To A UFO Or Secret Base Discovered ?

  A huge underwater entrance has been discovered at Malibu, CA coast at Point Dume not surprising  UFO/USO researchers that have been looking for it over the last 40 years.  The plateau structure is 1.35 miles x 2.45 miles wide, 6.66 miles from land and the … Continue reading

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