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Weird Goblin Like Creature Photographed In China

A Chinese tourist has taken a photo of a creature hiding in the valleys of Huairou, in the north of Beijing. He was camping with some friends in the hilly region, not far from the Great Wall of China, when he saw it.  “I … Continue reading

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Winged like cats

Winged cats have been known to exist since the 19th century. Some sightings of  winged cats may be explained by matting due to poor grooming:   www.dailymail.co.uk   When the cat runs, the dense mats flap up and down giving … Continue reading

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Unidentified glowing Creature Caught on Tape on a Lake in the United Kingdom

It’s not clear what was caught on tape but it seems like a glowing underwater creature or under water equipment remote control hoax.       This actually started by a group going into the lake, in United Kingdom, to try … Continue reading

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Mysterious sea creature reported caught off the coast of Borneo is an Armored searobin

Media reports of an unknown fish with eerie tusk-like spikes near its mouth and spines along its body has been caught off the coast of Borneo.   The discovery has baffled fisherman in the area and the authorities are also scrabbling … Continue reading

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Unexplained Things In Sin City

In March, several people saw a variety of unusual-looking lights in the night sky flying around the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. It was fascinating to watch as the objects moved in and out of what’s known as the Luxor Sky Beam, … Continue reading

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