A mysterious sea creature that looks like a Dolphin Crocodile hybrid,  has apparently been caught by confused fisherman off the coast of China. The footage was posted on Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo.   Image: CEN   The creature  which had two bulging teeth and a large,no fins, long snout, had apparently never […]

China – A Mysterious Dolphin Crocodile Hybrid Fish Caught

  A group of archaeologists in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have discovered major Zoroastrian tombs, dated to over 2,500 years ago. The finding is leading to startling controversial speculation about the religion’s origin.     It seems like on China’s Pamir Plateau, ancient group of people lived, battled and created an […]

Excavation in Northwest China May Reveal Zoroastrianism’s Origin

Chinese media reports  on a new significant megalithic site that includes 48  ancient mysterious carved caves, discovered at a 3,000 square meter hilltop in  Zhongxian county, Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality.       The caves are largely separate rooms, averaging 1.5 meters in height and one  meter in width, varying from […]

News – Mysterious Megalithic caves uncovered in China

First discovered in 1992, the Longyou Caves are a series of large artificial caverns located in Zhejiang province, China. So far, 24 caves have been found—all carved by hand. No one knowns who built them. Despite their size and the effort involved in creating them, no trace of their construction […]

China – The Enigmatic Longyou Caves Complexes

Kongka La pass, the Himalayas is a disputed territory located in the Indo-Chinese border of Aksai Chin and there for it is one of the least accessed areas. The locals on both the sides believes that there is an underground UFO base, known by both the countries. There are claims […]

Is there a UFO Base in Kongka La Pass, Aksai ...

China successfully land on the moon, achievement that last made 37 years ago by The Soviet Union in 1976. Since the Chinese decided to make that move there were some speculation regarding the reason that push them to accomplish it. The Chinese space agency and government adding to mystery by keeping that knowledge […]

What is China really looking at the moon

This 157 meter high building named “Ring of Life” cost around a hundred million RMB ($16 million USD) and used 3,000 tons of steel, but is it really a piece of architecture or are China expecting some visitors? As always you decide. reports an internet user recently posted a photo […]

Has China Built A Stargate? The Ring Of Life

Mount Taishan (Peaceful Mountain) is the premier attraction of Shandong province. Lying 100km south of Jinan, it’s the easternmost and holiest of China’s five Taoist mountains and has been worshipped longer by the Chinese than any recorded history. Famed for its scenery and slopes dotted with ancient temples and pavilions […]

Tai Shan Pillars –

Window of the World was built in 1994, with an area of 480,000 square kilometers (185,329 square miles). It is a galaxy of 130 world famous wonders, gathering natural scenery, folk customs and high-tech entertainment together. Window of the World is divided into different sections, with a world square, and […]

Pyramids in Window of the world park – Shenzhen, China

Flower of Life is a geometric pattern of circles intertwined with each other, which can create many other geometric shapes. It was discovered in archeological finds of the ancient times in many places around the world. Sacred geometry creates icons with geometric shapes that are considered sacred to religions and […]

The Flower Of Life

According to legend, the Yellow Emperor used in his family’s sign a  dragon/snake, and every time he conquered another tribe, he added, the symbol  of the tribe to the sign. Huang Di Hai lives an eternal life as the dragon that  depicted in his symbol. This explains why the Chinese dragon […]

Chinese Dragon

At the entrance to the Forbidden City – an ancient imperial palace in Beijing that was built-in the early 1400’s – you can see the same flower of life under the paw of the Fu Dog (more accurately called “Guardian Lions”). This palace was home to 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing […]

Fu Dogs The Guardians Of Sacred Geometry