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Excavation in Northwest China May Reveal Zoroastrianism’s Origin

  A group of archaeologists in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have discovered major Zoroastrian tombs, dated to over 2,500 years ago. The finding is leading to startling controversial speculation about the religion’s origin.     It seems like on China’s … Continue reading

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Weird Goblin Like Creature Photographed In China

A Chinese tourist has taken a photo of a creature hiding in the valleys of Huairou, in the north of Beijing. He was camping with some friends in the hilly region, not far from the Great Wall of China, when he saw it.  “I … Continue reading

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News – Mysterious Megalithic caves uncovered in China

Chinese media reports  on a new significant megalithic site that includes 48  ancient mysterious carved caves, discovered at a 3,000 square meter hilltop in  Zhongxian county, Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality.       The caves are largely separate rooms, averaging 1.5 … Continue reading

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China – The Enigmatic Longyou Caves Complexes

First discovered in 1992, the Longyou Caves are a series of large artificial caverns located in Zhejiang province, China. So far, 24 caves have been found—all carved by hand. No one knowns who built them. Despite their size and the … Continue reading

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Is there a UFO Base in Kongka La Pass, Aksai Chin, Ladakh: Indo-Chinese border ?

Kongka La pass, the Himalayas is a disputed territory located in the Indo-Chinese border of Aksai Chin and there for it is one of the least accessed areas. The locals on both the sides believes that there is an underground … Continue reading

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What is China really looking at the moon

China successfully land on the moon, achievement that last made 37 years ago by The Soviet Union in 1976. Since the Chinese decided to make that move there were some speculation regarding the reason that push them to accomplish it. The Chinese space … Continue reading

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Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival of Harbin China

Each year in northeastern China the town of Harbin hosts a giant festival of snow and Ice sculpture. People travel from across China and around the world to visit and participate. Hundreds of artists, workers, and volunteers sculpt as a … Continue reading

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Spiral Wheels of China’s moon rover

To improve the lunar rover’s ability to proceed, China’s soace program scientists designed a new spiral wheel structure in the lunar rover, mainly discussing improving its ability to get across ditches and climb slopes. This rover only has two driven … Continue reading

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China’s biggest maze of caves

Sometimes called the biggest maze of China, Guyaju is an ancient cave house located about 92 kilometers (57 miles) from Beijing. No precise record of it has ever been found, so no one knows its exact origins. The house was … Continue reading

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China – A Nose Grows on One Man’s Forehead

A man from China’s Fujian province has had a new nose grown on his forehead following a traffic accident last year.   Credit: http://news.yahoo.com The 22-year-old man suffered severe nasal trauma and his subsequent treatment caused his nasal cartilage to corrode. … Continue reading

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