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Cedric Laquieze’s Army Of Fairies

  Amsterdam-based artist Cedric Laquieze has created a series of taxidermy fairies. Composed of bones, plants, feathers, and insect parts Laquieze’s otherworldly creatures may not look like the typical fairies but they are technically brilliant and visually intriguing.     … Continue reading

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The West African village where every house is a work of art

Burkina Faso in West Africa,  is not an area that usually gets a lot of visits of tourists, but at the base of a hill with a view of  the sunny savannah lies an extraordinary village, a circular 1.2 hectare complex of intricately embellished earthen … Continue reading

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World’s First Toy Car 7500 Years Old

  Apparently the car used by ‘The Flintstones’ may not be far from reality, as ancient discovery reveals our ancestors were aware of the wheel 7500 years ago.   Image: missiongalacticfreedom   A stone small car/chariot  like object with two axles and … Continue reading

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Challenging The Eye – Photography Art Of Optical Illusion

New York based photographer Bela Borsodi insert manipulated household items to create an image that looks like 4 photographs.It produced by her as an album cover for the band VLP.   Image:  belaborsodi   Here’s a photo from a different angle:   Image:  belaborsodi   And … Continue reading

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Desert Spiral Breath

The Desert Breath is  a double spiral extra large piece of art located in the Egyptian desert. It was created by a group of three artists - Danae Stratou, Sculptor, Alexandra Stratou, Industrial Designer, and Stella Constantinides, and completed on March 7, 1997. It covers an area of about 360 metres by 300 … Continue reading

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Mexican Government Disclose Proof – Art Carvings Of E.T.’s And Ancient Space Travel

Newly released Mayan documents, shows artifacts, dating back at least 1300-year and might reveal that the human race is not alone and highly advanced technologies including space travel have likely visited earth for quite some time. 1] The two circles … Continue reading

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Art of moving images by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

Today’s featured artist is going to be Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Akiyoshi is a psychology professor from Kyoto, Japan, who specializes in visual/optical illusions.     It’s all in the eye, literally with this particular artist. Here’s a link: Akiyoshi’s illusion pages That will … Continue reading

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Raw geometry Art By Phil Zucco

Born and raised in New England, Phil Zucco is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design and earned a BFA in Graphic Design. He has worked on a number of feature films, videos, TV commercials, interactive attractions and digital … Continue reading

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6,000 Years Old Hidden Cave Art Discovered On Cumberland Plateau

Archaeologists from the University of Tennessee have found some of America’s oldest cave and rock art. The drawings were recently found on the Cumberland Plateau and most date back to around 500 years ago.  However, radiocarbon dating says one painting was made … Continue reading

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Ayahuasca, Sacred Geometry And The Art Of Peruvian Amazon Tribe – Shipibo

Ayahuasca is commonly depicted by Shipibo artisans, who are well-known for their intricate designs, on their pottery and colorful fabrics depicting their Ayahuasca-based cosmology.  The geometric designs used by Shipibo artisans are quite unique.  As might be expected, their pottery was … Continue reading

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