Here is a great destination to add to your bucketlist – Tulum, A beach-side Ancient mysterious Mayan Pyramid, a pre-Columbian Maya walled city and a port. There are at least 60 Mayan ruins that can be found throughout the ancient city which is fortified by three walls, two watchtowers, and a 12 meter Caribbean […]

Mexico – Beach-side Ancient Mayan City And Step Pyramid

  In ancient Jewish legends, written evidence and literature, there are references of a mystical creature or a substance called Shamir that had the power to cut through hard stone, iron and even diamond. According to Hebrew legends, King Solomon used that knowledge and substance/creature to build the First Temple in […]

Ancient Kabbalah Secrets Of Megalithic Sites Construction Revealed

  An amazing new discovery of a 17.5-pound gold-plated object has been found in a Jerusalem cemetery, but local officials are unsure if it is an ancient temple treasure or hidden modern loot.   Image: Israel Antiquities Authority   Israel Antiquities Authority turned to the public on Tuesday using social media in […]

Breaking News – Mysterious Ancient Golden Object Found In ...

  You probably herd about the Nazca Lines in Peru, ancient geoglyphs only properly visible from above. Their popularity with ancient alien proponents is second only to Egypt’s pyramids. Yet there’s an older, more mysterious, and even more common version in the Middle East that gets a lot less attention.   […]

Mysterious Ancient Circles Of The Middle East

  A mysterious ancient leather manuscript, older than 4,000 years,  has been carefully reconstructed by Egyptologist after it was rediscovered in the museum in Cairo. It containing rituals spells and colorful depictions of divine and supernatural beings, predating those found in the Book of the Dead manuscripts, the leather roll is around 2.5 meters […]

Egypt – A Mysterious Ancient Manuscript Rediscovered In Cairo Museum

According PLOS ONE, An ancient human skull and a jawbone discovered in a cave located in northern Laos, add to the evidence that early modern humans were physically quite diverse.    Image:   The skull and the jawbone, found a few meters apart in a cave known as Tam Pa Ling […]

Ancient Human Fossils Discovered In Laos Indicates Early Human Migrated ...

  Scuba divers have discovered the largest trove of gold coins ever found off Israel’s Mediterranean coast — about 2,000 pieces dating back more than 1,000 years, declared by the country’s antiquities authority.   Photo: AFP/Israel Antiquities Authority   “The largest treasure of gold coins discovered in Israel was found in […]

Caesarea, Israel – Divers find a record breaking treasure of ...

  Indonesia, 1992 – A strange  artifact was discovered by geology researcher C.A. Castillo, in a cave on the Devil Hills (or Mount of Satan) in Kupang, East Nus Tenggara. While exploring the cave at night, he suddenly stumbled upon a strange pile of rocks, where he found an unusual looking stone.       The […]

Indonesia – An Ancient Star Map Discovered At Mount Of ...

Dr. Richard Stothers’s intriguing article “Unidentified Flying Objects in Classical Antiquity” firstly appeared in The Classical Journal, vol. 103.1, 2007. Now it’s republished and available on official NASA servers. Ezekiel’s Wheel can be Interpreted as an ancient UFO Sighting: Image: wikipedia The article lists several ancient reports of what might today be called unidentified flying objects […]

NASA Officially Released An Article that Reveals Evidence For Ancient ...

A Greek gravestone made by an unknown artist dates to 100 BC, is stimulating a discussion among ancient astronaut theory followers, time travel believers  and main stream archaeologists:    Image: wikipedia   The gravestone describes a large woman sitting on a chair, in front of her a smaller female figure or a girl holding […]

Ancient Greek Gravestone Describes An Object That Looks Like A ...

Descriptions of species of giants are common among religious books and ancient history worldwide and as well in Central America. Like famous western world ancient giants such as Goliath, Og and the Nephilim  primarily documented in the Bible, there is documentation of giants who lived, fought, and lost their lives in Central America […]

Ancient Giants Documented In Aztec Records

  Recently UFO media and researchers report about what seems like mummified remains of weird humanoid creature that has been found in Northern Germany not far away from where the 3600 year old Nebra Sky Disk was found in 2001. The unexplained mummified remains have been described by researchers and reporters as alien […]

Germany – Ancient Alien hybrid Mummy And Nebra Sky Disk

  According to blogs from Greece this strange ancient statue, dating to the late  Bronze Age , discovered in Cyprus and is located at the museum in Karlsruhe,  Germany.    Image: apocalypsejohn   The shape of the face, big eyes, the lack of nose, the long neck, the four fingers on  each hand and strange attire reveal a being of […]

Ancient E.T. Figurine From Cyprus

Archaeologists have discovered a grave of a suspected vampire, while digging at a site in Kamien Pomorski, northwestern Poland.  Dates back to the 16th century, the body was buried in a marketplace in the town, situated in the West Pomeranian Province.   Image:   The team found unusual features which indicated […]

Poland – Ancient Vampire Grave Discovered By Archaeologists

  On the first floor of the Cairo Museum,  there is a strange item, a round plate with three inflection, discovered in the tomb of Sabu, Pharaoh Anedjib’s  son. This mysterious item ,classified as “Oopart” (out of place artifact, a misplaced object) –  an object with technological level that is higher […]

Tri-Lobed Disc of Sabu – Evidence Of High-tech In Ancient ...

While excavating at an ancient cemetery in Abydos Egypt, a group of archaeologists found a tomb with a pyramid 7 meters (23 feet) high at its entrance.   The tomb dates back around 3,300 years. Within one of its vaulted burial chambers, the team of archaeologists found a finely crafted sandstone sarcophagus, painted red, which […]

Abydos, Egypt – Ancient Tomb With Pyramid Entrance Discovered

Monastery decorated with Byzantine mosaic uncovered during infrastructure  work conducted by the Israeli Lines Company paving new interchange on the  road to settle Hura northern Negev. The building, measuring approximately 700  square meters, divided into several halls most notably the prayer room and dining  room.   Photo by Assaf Peretz, courtesy IAA   The paintings […]

Israel – Ancient monastery mosaic floor were discovered in the ...

The “Garut Pyramid” found on a mount in Garut, West Java, attracted  researchers and Ancient Catastrophic Disaster Team to see if the mount is indeed  based upon a man-made structure.     By using geo-electric instruments, surveyors are measuring the resistance of the  geological layers, while seeking additional funding to begin excavations. […]

The Garut Pyramid – A New Man Made Pyramid Discovered ...