About us

We are living in an unexplained environment and there are several ways, like arts or  science, to rationalize and deal with it. The main goal of this website and project is to share and discuss the unexplained phenomenon that we get across in the world and our life as humans, one of the most unexplanied species. But we not gonna do it with all the fear vibe , we are going to have fun with colors, new and old knowledge, and spiritual moments that will make us wonna travel and be curious.

As soon as the project started we noticed that - mysteries, science, art and spirit are not so far away from each other and we hope that you will see and understand it as well.

Thank you for your support

Unexplained Things Are Out There.

  • Madawa D.A. Wilson

    Please share the names of your favourite websites to visit? spread awareness of strange phenomena

  • BioWebScape

    One of my first printed up short stories was about being curious, and how in that timeline in that worldview it had just been made illegal, as right before the end of the story, where you find out that fact, camera’s were everywhere, but the person, in the story, thought surely not in the bathrooms, right over the sitdown stalls, but alas they were and he went to hunt for one, only to not find it(it had moved), his arrest as the first offender of the newest law, was instant, as soon as he left the bathroom, Who is watching you??? Christ and the full company of heaven!? As a Christ follower, I oft times wonder what all the odd things are in the world and What all God knows and is not telling us, He told us a lot really, but there are things that are in Heavenly Realms that also cross the plane of Earth, so people seek out and ask questions, isn’t that what science tells us it is there to help us with, well I ask my Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit, lots of detailed questions, and get some really grand answers. Thanks for the website, more power to your seeking out there folks, you will need to be curious, don’t let them pass any laws against it.. Christ told you to seek the kingdom first, but if you aren’t going to do that, keep asking, God works in mysterious ways.