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UK – A Giant Dragon Statue Installed Overnight On The Banks Of A Castle In Wales

  A huge dragon statue has just appeared overnight on the banks of a Welsh castle.   Image: Wales News Service   The dragon, which is four meters long and weighs 1 ton, has reptile-like black and red scales, smoke-flaring nostrils, … Continue reading

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Mysterious Body Of An Anglo-Saxon Teen Buried With Gold Cross, Offers Unique Insights Into The Origins Of English Christianity

  A unique and amzing discovery was made in one of the earliest Anglo-Saxon Christian burial sites in Britain, in a village outside Cambridge. The grave of a teenage girl from the mid 7th century AD has an extraordinary combination of two … Continue reading

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Mexico – Beach-side Ancient Mayan City And Step Pyramid

  Here is a great destination to add to your bucketlist – Tulum, A beach-side Ancient mysterious Mayan Pyramid, a pre-Columbian Maya walled city and a port. There are at least 60 Mayan ruins that can be found throughout the ancient city which is fortified … Continue reading

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Bali, Indonesia – Underwater Temple Garden

  Located near Bali, Indonesia – there is a mysterious and impressive under water ancient Hindu temple like structure that was built as part of a recent environmental conservation program.     According to Paul M Turley, the owner of … Continue reading

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Unidentified Flying Light Orb Spotted By Multiple Witnesses In Night Sky Over California And Nevada

  An unidentified bright light was spotted hovering across the sky over California and Nevada,on Tuesday night.      Multiple witnesses start a discussion using social media over its origin. Was it a meteor ? A military experiment ? a space ship ?   @KTLA so this … Continue reading

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