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Macedonia – Alien Looking Archaeological Artifacts Discovered at Mrdaja, Lake Dojran

  The archaeological site Mrdaja is located on the shore of Lake Dojran, Macedonia. It was discovered in 2012 during construction work to expand the city beach in Star Dojran.  The site provided rich archaeological movable and immovable material,  and as the Ministry … Continue reading

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Gifted Make-Up Artist Creates Wonderful Optical Illusions With Sci-Fi Body Art Designs

  A talented make-up artist  and Internet sensation  Hikaru Cho has created a range of fantastic designs which has gained attention from people all over the world. The 22-year-old artist creates incredible 3D effect ‘hyper-real’ body art optical illusions using acrylic … Continue reading

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USA – Incredible Videos Of Tornadoes Power Captured By A Driver And Storm Chasers

  Driver, Sam Smith, who was visiting from North Carolina on business last week, was on his way from Minnesota to Indianapolis when he encountered a huge tornado outside Rochelle, Illinois. He used his mobile phone video camera to capture a close-up footage of … Continue reading

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Japan – first images released from inside a melted reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant

  A unique  shape-changing entered the disaster zone through a pipe, and recorded the first spooky images from inside Fukushima mangled reactor. Images lit by a lamp on the robot showed steam around the chamber and debris that looked like small rocks and metal parts.   … Continue reading

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Giant Step Pyramid Has Revealed At Gunung Padang, Indonesia

  On the active volcanic Indonesian island of Java, an astonishing architectural wonder of Paleolithic civilization is being discovered by extensive archaeological excavations at a sacred temple mount in Cianjur, West Java,  known as Gunung Padang, or ‘Mountain Meadow’. Recent research at this sacred … Continue reading

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