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Incredible Emerald City Like Mausoleum in Shiraz, Iran

Shah Cheragh is a monument and mosque that is the most important place of pilgrimage within the city of Shiraz, Iran. The name Shah Cheragh translates into “King of the Light” or “Shrine of the lord of the light”. It contains tombs of important … Continue reading

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Ancient Greek Gravestone Describes An Object That Looks Like A Laptop

A Greek gravestone made by an unknown artist dates to 100 BC, is stimulating a discussion among ancient astronaut theory followers, time travel believers  and main stream archaeologists:    Image: wikipedia   The gravestone describes a large woman sitting on a chair, in front … Continue reading

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U.S.A – The Town Community That Speaks With The Dead

  Lily Dale is a community of active psychics and spiritualists who claim to reconnect with the afterlife, living together in the pastoral Town of Pomfret that is located in the southwestern part of New York State. It is know that the energy and the involvement at Lily Dale … Continue reading

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Siberia – UFO Touchdown And Strange Figures Captured On Video

  A two videos from two independent witnesses filmed in the remote Irkutsk region of Siberia,Russia, appears to show a strange glowing craft landing and five figures that looks like extraterrestrial aliens walking in the snow.     Image: Facebook The cloud looking object had lights … Continue reading

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London – A UFO Photographed During A Flight By A Passenger

  On the morning of May 25th, a passenger that was flying over London captured a strange UFO on camera. The disc or cigar-shaped  UFO appears to be flying above the clouds, it had lights on either side. The series of photographs show it flying … Continue reading

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This Juggling Artist Does an Illusion with Four Rings That Will Blow Your Mind

  When Franch Juggling Artist Lindzee Poi published his video on YouTube it got big success and positive reactions of more than million viewers . He shot it on Sunday, April 6, 2014, in Parc de Balzac,Angers, France. The name of the illusion is: Amelymeloptical illusion.   … Continue reading

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U.S. Scientists In A Statement To Congress : Soon We Will Be Able To Contact Aliens

Scientists and researchers Dan Werthimer and Seth Shostak from SETI Research Center at the University of California, surprised the U.S. Congress when they announced that they could make contact with intelligent extraterrestrial aliens in the near future in statements  to the House Committee  On Science, Space, And … Continue reading

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Cathy Miller’s Amazing Geometric quilts

  Cathy Miller is an Interesting artist that demonstrates excellent abilities as a musician, a singer, and a quilter. Based In Canada, Cathy spent the last 13 years making music for quilters around the world, involving it with creating incredible artistic, geometric … Continue reading

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Meet the Bowerbird – One Of The Best Architects And Designers In Nature

  As part of the  Bowerbird’s male courting ritual he is trying to attract a mate by creating the best looking nest in the ‘neighborhood’. Usually their nests looks so good and attractive you might think it’s an art exhibition.    Image: core77   … Continue reading

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A Giant Underwater Obelisks Or Towers Discovered At The Exact Opposite Side From The Great Pyramid

New discovery made using Google earth suggesting that there is an unknown and very high obelisks or towers located  in the pacific ocean exactly on the opposite side from the great pyramid in Giza.  Near the ‘ obelisks’ there is what seems like a structure and … Continue reading

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