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Russia – According To A General, The Russian Army Knows How To Summon UFO’s At Will

  Russian army high rank officers admitted that they can predict and summon UFOs at their will, since that UFO’s activity increases when large scale weapons testing takes place.     Major General Vasily Yeremenko said in a statement: “We can say … Continue reading

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Big Foot, Lake Monster and UFOs – Strange Encounter in The Alaskan Wilderness

  With 90,000 sq-km, Alaskan wildness is known for it’s strange stories of creatures and UFOs.  A documentary named ‘Alaskan Monsters’ is all about testimonies and stories on mysterious creatures strange lights and UFOs in wild Alaska.   Rob Roy painting of … Continue reading

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UFO Museum in Victoria, Argentina

  Located in Entre Ríos Argentina, there is an interesting UFO museum powered by Silvia Perez Simondiniis, that is really worth a visit. The museum is holding what is, as alleged, a remains of an unidentified flying object that exploded on … Continue reading

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2014 – Missing Malaysian airplanes mystery

  28 December the end of 2014 and we just can’t ignore the  fact that for the third time within a year, an aircraft involved Malaysian owned  airline disappeared or crushed and hundreds of passengers and crew lost their lives or missing.       … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Betz Sphere Case – Was It An Alien Artifact ?

  In March 27, 1974, members of the Betz family were inspecting the damage done by a small brush-fire near their property on Ft. George Island, Florida. The island is a patch of dry ground among the coastal marshlands of northeastern Florida, … Continue reading

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