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Mississippi – UFO captured by Retired couple

The couple, Edith and Rainer Atlas put a camera on one of the pillars in the  woods near their home wishing to get on tape elks and deer that comes to visit  their premises. But on the night of 16 February, there … Continue reading

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Sacred Geometry, Rocket Science, Fractals, UfO’s And Architecture In A 3D Model Gifts By Tom Houha

  Tom Houha is an Architect working in the Portland & Seattle area designing commercial and residential buildings. He also has a passion for designing 3D models and home decor that will adorn your space with a touch of art, science, … Continue reading

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UFO Caught On A Vintage Texas Photo ?

A Texas witness in rural Hunt County reported an “unexplainable object visible in the background” of a family photo taken near Quinlan that cannot be identified, according to testimony in Case 52992 closed March 26, 2014, as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle from … Continue reading

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Moon’s Chinese Jade Rover And UFO Incident

Earlier this year, the Chinese Jade Rover that had landed on the moon lost contact with its Chinese base of operations. On Twitter, the rover tweeted “I am not that sad. Like all the heroes in other stories, I have … Continue reading

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Germany – UFO caught on three different cameras over Achalm castle

  An interesting UFO case started from a video  posted to YouTube that  made notable because of the unusual fact that three different people,  from various angles, recorded the same sighting over the ancient  ruins of Achalm castle in Germany.   The unidentified flying object … Continue reading

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A family from southern Alberta witnessed a UFO

A mother and daughter who live on a ranch just outside of Nanton claims that a couple of unidentified flying objects flew over their southern Alberta home late last Sunday night. According to CBC Canada, Sam Martine and her daughter were watching TV … Continue reading

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Norway – The Unexplained Hessdalen light

The Hessdalen Lights are a phenomenon usually seen in the Hessdalen valley in the central part of Norway. The mysterious lights, typically large, bright white, blue, red, or yellow lights floating above the ground or shooting at amazing speeds through … Continue reading

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UFO’S Extraterrestrials And Exopolitics – An Interview With Ed Komarek

By Liron Raviv Ed Komarek has had over 40 years of experience in the UFO field and is one of the founders of the newly emerging field of Exopolitics evolving out of the more general UFO/ET field. He maintains a … Continue reading

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India – UFO and ancient astronaut prehistoric paintings found in remote cave ?

A group of anthropologists working with hill tribes in a remote area of India have made a startling discovery: Intricate prehistoric cave paintings depicting aliens and UFO type craft next to look-alike Wormhole formation in the sky :     … Continue reading

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Is there a UFO Base in Kongka La Pass, Aksai Chin, Ladakh: Indo-Chinese border ?

Kongka La pass, the Himalayas is a disputed territory located in the Indo-Chinese border of Aksai Chin and there for it is one of the least accessed areas. The locals on both the sides believes that there is an underground … Continue reading

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