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UFOs Cases As Seen And Reported By Astronauts

  It seems that American astronauts who have reported seeing UFOs and extraterrestrials have always been poorly treated and ignored by the mainstream media. These extraordinary men were selected as America’s finest servicemen and pilots, to make the most marvelous flights that … Continue reading

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Scientists Find Answer To Mystery Behind Moon’s Creation

Israeli and French Scientists conducted a study that provides an answer to the question why the earth and the moon are almost identical ?a question scientists have tried to answer for 30 years. Many years, scientists have believed that the moon … Continue reading

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A Giant Humanoid Shadow Found On The Moon

  A new anomaly related to our moon surfaced recently online when a YouTube user –  wowforreeel posted a discovery made or found out by using Google Earth’s moon map (credit for the find goes to Jasenko).     Image Credit: Google … Continue reading

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New Research Results – During The Full Moon Period We Dream Strange Dreams

A British study discovered that people have more weird and fantastic dreams  around the time of the full moon.   Psychologist Richard Wiseman made the surprise discovery as he analysed the  experiences of 1,000 volunteers who were played sounds … Continue reading

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Moon’s Chinese Jade Rover And UFO Incident

Earlier this year, the Chinese Jade Rover that had landed on the moon lost contact with its Chinese base of operations. On Twitter, the rover tweeted “I am not that sad. Like all the heroes in other stories, I have … Continue reading

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