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  Is cell phone radiation can cause damage to our body and brain? It might surprised you to see how much radiation you’re exposed to every day. U.S Artist Nickolay Lamm worked on a series of images that show various US cities and landmarks featured with a multicolored  pyramids of light that represents the low-energy radiation that cell […]

Colorful Pyramids Of Mobile Phones Radiation

  The Tibetan Book of Proportions is an 18 century pattern book consisting of 36 ink drawings showing precise iconic and geometric guidelines for depicting Buddha and Bodhisattva figures. The geometric depictions reminds the Asian version to Leonado De Vinci drawings and sketches such as The Vitruvian Man    Images:   Written in […]

Geometric And Mysterious – The Tibetan Book of Proportions

  Africa’s Fairy Circles phenomenon are circular patches of land that have long baffled scientists and generate a debate about the causes of the circles. The investigation and development of theories have included numerous theories both mundane and supernatural. Their mysterious nature has perhaps deepened with a new finding that the circles share […]

Namibia’s Fairy Circles One Of Nature’s Greatest Mysteries Share Pattern ...

Shah Cheragh is a monument and mosque that is the most important place of pilgrimage within the city of Shiraz, Iran. The name Shah Cheragh translates into “King of the Light” or “Shrine of the lord of the light”. It contains tombs of important figures in Shia Islam.  Image by uncorneredmarket The complex known as architectural […]

Incredible Emerald City Like Mausoleum in Shiraz, Iran

Burkina Faso in West Africa,  is not an area that usually gets a lot of visits of tourists, but at the base of a hill with a view of  the sunny savannah lies an extraordinary village, a circular 1.2 hectare complex of intricately embellished earthen architecture. It is the residence of the chief, the royal […]

The West African village where every house is a work ...

  When Franch Juggling Artist Lindzee Poi published his video on YouTube it got big success and positive reactions of more than million viewers . He shot it on Sunday, April 6, 2014, in Parc de Balzac,Angers, France. The name of the illusion is: Amelymeloptical illusion.     The  rings give the illusion that one rotates around the other […]

This Juggling Artist Does an Illusion with Four Rings That ...

  Cathy Miller is an Interesting artist that demonstrates excellent abilities as a musician, a singer, and a quilter. Based In Canada, Cathy spent the last 13 years making music for quilters around the world, involving it with creating incredible artistic, geometric and colorful quilts using different fabrics and materials.   Insanity: […]

Cathy Miller’s Amazing Geometric quilts

Ethiopia is known for the problem of lack of drinking water, sometimes the distance between the village drinking water reservoir is many hours and days of walking. This task is commonly carried out by the females in the family, who are not only taken out of school, but may encounter sexual harassment on […]

Ethiopia – A New Development Of Towers That Harvest ...

  Tom Houha is an Architect working in the Portland & Seattle area designing commercial and residential buildings. He also has a passion for designing 3D models and home decor that will adorn your space with a touch of art, science, and mathematics. He design and create unique Geometric and Architectural […]

Sacred Geometry, Rocket Science, Fractals, UfO’s And Architecture In A ...

  French architecture students came up with the idea for Arctic Harvester, a floating hydroponic farm and village. It uses large reserves of fresh water, encases  the icebergs, taking them inside. “We were struck by the idea that Greenland’s  icebergs support such rich localized ecosystems…An iceberg is an oasis,”  says Meriem Chabani, who […]

The Arctic Harvester – A Brilliant Design Of ...

Monastery decorated with Byzantine mosaic uncovered during infrastructure  work conducted by the Israeli Lines Company paving new interchange on the  road to settle Hura northern Negev. The building, measuring approximately 700  square meters, divided into several halls most notably the prayer room and dining  room.   Photo by Assaf Peretz, courtesy IAA   The paintings […]

Israel – Ancient monastery mosaic floor were discovered in the ...

This is one of those art projects that you could probably stare at for hours,  losing yourself inside it. The design collective Numen for Use created a 3D box of  one-way mirrors, which also expands and contracts when inflated. The results are  nothing short of awe-inspiring !   No matter which […]

Fascinating Design – A Cube Made From One Way Mirrors

Austrian based artist Klemens Torggler designed this door prototype called “Evolution Door”  it simply flips out of the way to open, and flips back to close.         During the development of the flip panel doors several solutions were found for connecting the squares efficiently. One of these is a […]

Perfect ergonomics and stunning design of a door

From radiolaria to each unique snowflake, pattern is the language of nature. Human-made artifacts expressing these natural occurrences can be riveting, like this collection of embroidered spheres made by an 88-year-old Japanese grandmother, who started crafting these in her sixties.     Flickr user NanaAkua took a visual record of almost 500 of these […]

Japanese granny’s embroidered spheres show nature’s pattern language

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration,it illustrates that when sound frequencies move through a particular medium such as water, air or sand, it directly alters the vibration of matter. During my research on sacred geometry i found out that certain frequencies and sound can create harmonic geometric shapes that can […]

What Cymatics and Sacred Geometry may teach us about the ...

The Desert Breath is  a double spiral extra large piece of art located in the Egyptian desert. It was created by a group of three artists – Danae Stratou, Sculptor, Alexandra Stratou, Industrial Designer, and Stella Constantinides, and completed on March 7, 1997. It covers an area of about 360 metres by 300 metres and consists of 89 protruding cones, of gradually increasing […]

Desert Spiral Breath