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Gifted Make-Up Artist Creates Wonderful Optical Illusions With Sci-Fi Body Art Designs

  A talented make-up artist  and Internet sensation  Hikaru Cho has created a range of fantastic designs which has gained attention from people all over the world. The 22-year-old artist creates incredible 3D effect ‘hyper-real’ body art optical illusions using acrylic … Continue reading

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This Juggling Artist Does an Illusion with Four Rings That Will Blow Your Mind

  When Franch Juggling Artist Lindzee Poi published his video on YouTube it got big success and positive reactions of more than million viewers . He shot it on Sunday, April 6, 2014, in Parc de Balzac,Angers, France. The name of the illusion is: Amelymeloptical illusion.   … Continue reading

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Challenging The Eye – Photography Art Of Optical Illusion

New York based photographer Bela Borsodi insert manipulated household items to create an image that looks like 4 photographs.It produced by her as an album cover for the band VLP.   Image:  belaborsodi   Here’s a photo from a different angle:   Image:  belaborsodi   And … Continue reading

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Distorted faces of celebrities

Keep your eyes on the cross –   The above optical illusion actually makes the face of celebrities look like  cartoon.

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The Mystifying ‘Light Pillars’

On a clear and cold night, beams of light appeared to be coming from the ground  and shooting skyward.     A light pillar is a visual phenomenon created by    the reflection of light from ice crystals with near horizontal parallel planar  surfaces.     The light can come from the Sun (usually … Continue reading

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