Known as one of the ussed, for some kind of evidence of afterlife, EVP is one of the more interesting areas of research, though not one widely disc EVP  are recordings, usually audio, of voices that seemingly couldn’t be produced by any means other than paranormal. Thus it’s named “Electronic […]

What’s The Story Behind EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena

A team  of paranormal  investigators  experienced some spooky  two ‘ghost walks’ inside Devonport Guildhall. The building has a fascinating history which lends itself to ghost stories. Built in 1824, the building has seen a great deal of history transform the surrounding area, and the Column Bakehouse cafe was once the mortuary for the […]

Plymouth, UK – Paranormal activity detected at Devonport Guildhall

  A family from Pennsylvania family claims their house is haunted by a ghost or some kind of demon and they has the recordings, pictures and home-videos to show it, got CNN affiliate WPMT reporters and filming crew to their house.     During the visit and the recording of the interview with the mother DeAnna, […]

News Cameraman Attacked And Scratched By A Ghost Or A ...

  Lily Dale is a community of active psychics and spiritualists who claim to reconnect with the afterlife, living together in the pastoral Town of Pomfret that is located in the southwestern part of New York State. It is know that the energy and the involvement at Lily Dale are very different in away, you can feel it when you just arriving. […]

U.S.A – The Town Community That Speaks With The Dead

  What was supposed to be a routine visit of a family to the museum, turned to be an experience from the paranormal world as they checked the photos they took there. John Burnside and Shona Backhouse, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, indeed indicated that they felt kind of strange feeling during […]

England – Is Castle Museum Haunted By A Ghost Of ...

Abandoned places always have an eerie haunted feel, but few places can match the feeling of fright of Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in South Korea. The hospital was rapidly deserted with all the fixtures, papers, and furnishings left behind when the owner disappeared. The building was left to decay at the […]

Abandoned and Haunted – Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in South Korea

The Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine Founded in 1967 by Dr. Ian Stevenson—originally as the Division of Personality Studies—its mission is “the scientific empirical investigation of phenomena that suggest that currently accepted scientific assumptions and theories about the nature of mind or consciousness, and its […]

Paranormal Activity Lab at University of Virginia

A creepy video footage from a security camera appears to show ghostly figures and bottles of expensive wine flying off shelves in a ‘haunted’ Australian hotel.     The Carlisle Castle Hotel bar, in Newtown, New South Wales found itself serving a different kind of spirit, as surveillance cameras captured the moment bottles fell to the floor […]

A ‘Thirsty Ghost’ smashes wine bottles and glasses at a ...

The one acre parcel of land known as Bachelors Grove Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in south Cook County in Midlothian, IL. It is across from Rubio Woods Forest Preservation down an old quarter-mile gravel path that was an original section of Old Midlothian Turnpike that closed in […]

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Haunted Reputation

For five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video of spirit faces and even spirit forms materializing.     These experiments may finally convince you there is life after death. […]

Afterlife Investigations

For twenty years, a resident of  Ohio Lu Ann Sicuro complains about paranormal activity and frightening experiences like voices, noises in the closets and door knobs jiggling. A few years ago, her son took a photo that might proof a presence of a ghost of child. “I feel that this image is a very good photo of […]

“My son took a photo of a ghost looking out ...

This video was published a year ago and disappeared from the network, but now he gets viral with a new campaign. Hotel security cameras record looks and sounds just like a ghost horror movie (like “Paranormal Activity”), and although it is unclear whether it’s added effects editing or real documentation – […]

Paranormal Activity: Evil spirit documented at the Wingate hotel in ...

In central Warren County, New Jersey,there is a two-lane rural road of about 7 miles (11.2 km) in length, that involves paranormal activity and local legends. It’s called “Shades Of Death Road”. Stories about the road’s evil past talked about bandits that killed their victims after robbing them on the road, brutal murders, weird car accidents and high […]

Shades Of Death Road, Ghost Lake And The Fairy Hole

This room, located at Ohio University, is unavailable to students. It has been boarded up and closed off because of various paranormal reports regarding the room. Poltergeist activity has been felt: objects flying across the room, doors that open and shut by themselves, and dark shadows appearing and disappearing without […]

Room 428 – ghosts and paranormal activity in Ohio University

Officially named Chateau Miranda, this neogothic castle was built in 1866 by an English architect who passed away before it was completed. It served as a summer residence for a wealthy family until it was commandeered by Nazis during World War II. For decades afterward, Chateau Miranda operated as a hotel and […]

Haunted Ruins Of Abandoned Chateau de Noisy In Belgium