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Big Foot, Lake Monster and UFOs – Strange Encounter in The Alaskan Wilderness

  With 90,000 sq-km, Alaskan wildness is known for it’s strange stories of creatures and UFOs.  A documentary named ‘Alaskan Monsters’ is all about testimonies and stories on mysterious creatures strange lights and UFOs in wild Alaska.   Rob Roy painting of … Continue reading

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Weird Goblin Like Creature Photographed In China

A Chinese tourist has taken a photo of a creature hiding in the valleys of Huairou, in the north of Beijing. He was camping with some friends in the hilly region, not far from the Great Wall of China, when he saw it.  “I … Continue reading

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Japan – A Rare Megamouth Shark Captured

An extremely rare megamouth shark was recently captured by a fishermen off the coast of southern Japan. It’s the 58th time in history one of its kind were seen or caught.    Image: wptv The first megamouth was discovered in Hawaii in 1976, … Continue reading

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England – Professor claims that he have a photographic proof of fairies

  A 53 years old  lecturer from Manchester Metropolitan University  – England, captured the fantastic images of what he claims are fairies in the Rossendale Valley. John Hyatt, Director of Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design (MIRIAD) snapped images of what … Continue reading

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Brazil – Werewolf like creature caught on camera, authorities declared a night curfew

A weird and scary were wolf like creture was caught on camera in the town of São Gonçalo de Campos, in the state of Bahia.   This extraordinary CCTV footage shows what locals in Brazil believe to be a … Continue reading

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