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USA – Incredible Videos Of Tornadoes Power Captured By A Driver And Storm Chasers

  Driver, Sam Smith, who was visiting from North Carolina on business last week, was on his way from Minnesota to Indianapolis when he encountered a huge tornado outside Rochelle, Illinois. He used his mobile phone video camera to capture a close-up footage of … Continue reading

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Los Angeles, USA – A Weird Orange Chemical Looking Clouds Videoed

  John Graf shot this video April 4, 2013 in the early evening. We have all seen the ugly chemtrails blasting grid patterns across the sky but this is something different.    Image: YouTube   These were rusty looking orange … Continue reading

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USA – A UFO Documented In Google Earth Street View Over Mount Shasta Ski Park

  USA California – A new UFO image on  Google Earth Street View, Stimulates excitement and discussion among UFO researchers and spiritual new age followers. The location of the images is the mysterious Mount Shasta.       (Available to view … Continue reading

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UK – ‘Fist Hand Cloud’ Photographed

  Photographer David Christie, 38-year-old father of two, was with his wife, Judy, 37 years old, outside their home in Kent, England. They both looked at the landscape when suddenly they noticed something strange. David grabbed snapshot amazing moment – the clouds in … Continue reading

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News – First Volcanic Lightning Created in a Lab

Researchers from LMU University in Munich, Germany, have created the first ever lab-made volcano to study volcanic lightning and the first artificial volcano capable of simulating the lightning flashes seen in real-life eruptions. Volcanic lightning, also known as dirty thunderstorms, is capable … Continue reading

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