One of the most interesting locations on earth for explorers is the Mariana Trench and the sea creatures that dwell in its depths. It’s  located in the western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands.     Recently,  Cameras on the Okeanos Explorer, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]

A Stunningly Beautiful New Jellyfish Specie Discovered At The Deepest ...

  A mysterious sea creature that looks like a Dolphin Crocodile hybrid,  has apparently been caught by confused fisherman off the coast of China. The footage was posted on Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo.   Image: CEN   The creature  which had two bulging teeth and a large,no fins, long snout, had apparently never […]

China – A Mysterious Dolphin Crocodile Hybrid Fish Caught

  A series of photos of an alien-like creature, apparently discovered in San Jose, California were posted to social media sites.     Image: Daily Star / IMGUR   “I heard something scream at like 11:30 last night and went on my side yard and found this thing,” Facebook user Gianna Peponis wrote. “It […]

Social Media – A Weird Creature Found in California

  A new online video is becoming increasingly popular and amaze the scientific community regarding team work of ants. The video footage shows a species of ants called Leptogenys, forming chains (by conecting one to another) to pull a large dead millipede to their colony.     Leptogenys is a common type of ant that can be found […]

Video – A Rare Ants Activity And Display Of Teamwork

  Travelers on a National Geographic – Lindblad expedition to Antarctica came across a white and light brown leucistic chinstrap penguin in Aitcho Island.     Unusual light coloring ​sets this penguin apart from its black-and-white brethren. Often mistaken for albinos, leucistic birds have a genetic mutation that restricts the dissemination […]

A Rare ‘white’ Penguin Spotted in Antarctica

  As part of the  Bowerbird’s male courting ritual he is trying to attract a mate by creating the best looking nest in the ‘neighborhood’. Usually their nests looks so good and attractive you might think it’s an art exhibition.    Image: core77   When the mating season begins the Bowerbird start to collect small twigs using them […]

Meet the Bowerbird – One Of The Best Architects ...

When encountering the picture of the larval form of a the chestburster, alien looking Black Dragonfish or Ribbon Sawtail Fish (Idiacanthus fasciola), you’re probably thinking it’s a science fiction film character. It’s found around the world at depths of 500 to 2,000 meters in temperate and equatorial oceanic waters. These […]

One Of The Most Incredible Metamorphosis In Nature – From ...

An extremely rare megamouth shark was recently captured by a fishermen off the coast of southern Japan. It’s the 58th time in history one of its kind were seen or caught.    Image: wptv The first megamouth was discovered in Hawaii in 1976, prompting scientists to create an entirely new family and genus […]

Japan – A Rare Megamouth Shark Captured

A weird and scary were wolf like creture was caught on camera in the town of São Gonçalo de Campos, in the state of Bahia.   This extraordinary CCTV footage shows what locals in Brazil believe to be a Werewolf:     The grainy 44-second clip emerged on YouTube […]

Brazil – Werewolf like creature caught on camera, authorities declared ...

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s absolutely true. A group of cats growers developed species as “impairment cats” (lykoi – from the Greek word wolf). Their appearance may be a little daunting, but really there is no reason to fear the kittens – wolves. They are characterized by short hair surrounding the eyes, […]

Group of Cat Breeders Developed A New Kind Of Wolf ...

As a resting place to some of the planet’s earliest animals, including a very primitive human relative, Yoho National Park’s 505-million-year-old Burgess Shale is one of the world’s most important fossil sites. Now, more than a century after its discovery, a compelling sequel has been unearthed: 42 kilometers away in Kootenay National Park, a […]

Scientists discover a new Significant Burgess Shale site in Canada’s ...

Godiva quadricolor can be found intertidally to 20 m in the Mediterranean.    photo: Gary Cobb and David Mullin   They feed on anemones and other nudibranchs. The colors of this species, are absolutely breathtaking. In the course of their evolution, nudibranchs have lost their shell while developing alternative defense mechanisms. Some species evolved an external […]

Godiva Quadricolor – The Colorful And Deadly Nudibranch

It’s not clear what was caught on tape but it seems like a glowing underwater creature or under water equipment remote control hoax.       This actually started by a group going into the lake, in United Kingdom, to try and take pictures of paranormal orbs, ended up catching something […]

Unidentified glowing Creature Caught on Tape on a Lake in ...

  Scientists have developed a small vehicle whose flying motion resembles the movements of a jellyfish, an advance that may enable miniaturized robots for surveillance and search-and-rescue in future.   The vehicle hovers in air by flapping its four wings 20 times per second. Many approaches to building small aerial […]

Scientists build and designed a flying vehicle based on a ...