Mysterious Sphinx In Pakistan


I believe that most of mysteries and adventures followers  know about The Great Sphinx of Giza, it stands as a symbol of our extraordinary ancient past. But most of you might not be aware of a sphinx located in Pakistan. Well honestly just a few people knew about it before, because it is located in a very remote district in the Baluchistan province in Pakistan borders Iran some 275 km from karachi.




Few years back the government build a coastal highway in the area and people usually visit this area for picnic from Karachi. The area has some amazing beaches on the coastal belt (Kund malir/ Hingo national park) through this people came to know about these enormous structures in the mountains.




Local have no idea about them, I do not believe that any scientific study have been conducted in this area but they are there for thousands of years some article on the local websites suggest 8 to 10 thousand. If you correctly understand its geo location it is in between the ancient Mesopotamia( which is current day Iraq) and Mohunjodaro the center of Indus civilizations.



The point I wanted to make here is that I believe that both civilizations one of the oldest in the world worshiped same extraterrestrial who made these structures/sphinxs/pyramids across the world.




There is other magnificent  structure near by that is called “The princess of Hope”. The name Princess of Hope was given by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie on her visit to this area.