News – A Giant Ghost Oil Tanker Washed Ashore In Liberia


A new ghost ship mystery reported today, involves a 60 meter-long Panama-flagged oil taker named Tamaya 1, that washed ashore on a remote beach in West Africa with nobody on board.  

The giant oil tanker was found abandoned on a beach in Robertsport, Liberia on May 4, sparked several theories about how it ended up near the border with Sierra Leone, from piracy to the crew not being paid. But the truth is, no one has any idea.



The oil tanker’s last known location was recorded on April 22, 2016, as it was sailing southward at 0.7 knots towards Senegal after leaving the port of Dakar.

The big question is what exactly happened in the 10 days in between the ship (that registered in Panama) leaving Senegal and it appearing on the beach without the crew around 600 miles south ?





A port authority insider said: “Our best bet is that the vessel’s owner might have gone broke and had no money to pay crew members … and therefore, the crew abandoned the ship.”

The ship was apparently  looted and vandalized as it lay stranded on the shore by the locals until the police came to the site.

In a result, the Liberian government has copped a barrage of criticism after it was revealed it was unaware of the ship’s existence until two days after it washed ashore.



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