Ancient Kabbalah Secrets Of Megalithic Sites Construction Revealed


In ancient Jewish legends, written evidence and literature, there are references of a mystical creature or a substance called Shamir that had the power to cut through hard stone, iron and even diamond.

According to Hebrew legends, King Solomon used that knowledge and substance/creature to build the First Temple in Jerusalem.




Some Jewish scholars Interpret the Shamir as a rare worm like creature, others claims it’s a very thin substance – like a human hair, that’s how it can cut very delicate and complicated projects.

When used,It says that the Shamir cut and melts the material simultaneously, what seems to fit a lot of world wide ancient mysterious building techniques, like in the Middle East Asia and South Central America, that we still trying to figure them out today.


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Some are claiming that the Shamir was actually a laser beam, used in ancient machine given to the Jewish leaders by ancient aliens. They based this theory on the fact that it’s mentioned in several sources that the Shamir was kept in a lead box. It’s known that lead was and still is the only material protecting from laser beam radiation.  Immanuel Velikovsky argued that the Shamir was essentially radioactive material found in nature, such as radium.

It’s very interesting that there is a connection between Solomon’s Temple and ancient megalithic techniques, since it’s well know that the Templars Knights and Freemasons are also connected to the Temple with mysterious building techniques and worship.