Breaking News – Mysterious Ancient Golden Object Found In Jerusalem 8


An amazing new discovery of a 17.5-pound gold-plated object has been found in a Jerusalem cemetery, but local officials are unsure if it is an ancient temple treasure or hidden modern loot.



Image: Israel Antiquities Authority


Israel Antiquities Authority turned to the public on Tuesday using social media in an attempt to understand the purpose or use for a mysterious artifact that was discovered in an old building in a cemetery in Jerusalem.

Weighing in at 17.6 pounds, the gold-plated, football-shaped object is embedded with deep grooves and seems to have handles on both ends. It was discovered by the groundskeeper of a Jerusalem cemetery who, unsure of his discovery, called in the police, who in turn alerted sappers, who conducted a controlled explosion, after which the object was unearthed.



Image: Israel Antiquities Authority / Yuli Schwartz


“Since its discovery, Antiquities Authority officials have been trying to understand what this object is. It was sent to a lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and was discovered to be plated in nickel gold, but made from a single metal,” said Amir Ganor, head of the authority’s anti-theft unit.


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  • Allen Burt

    This may be a fake; the circumstances are suspicious, for example, is it typical to have “sappers” come in to a potential find site and start blowing the scene up with explosives in modern Jerusalem?
    Such a discovery would be handled more responsibly than say, a Hollywood movie plot. Israeli authorities are just not that goofy.

  • Shannon post

    It looks lifelike one of those things they use for doing push ups in da gym? Don’t know very interesting though

  • bz
  • Mark Cross

    Because of its shape possibly a rolling pin or back massage tool..

  • Dennis Kilo Delta Arends

    find the battery hole

  • Jeffrey Moab

    its a pasta maker

  • Zachs

    Interesting! But the object is OVAL-shaped, not football-shaped, since a football is round.

    • pgb412

      its an American football shape, different game different ball. you can tell its an American writing the story since it gives the weight in pounds