The bizarre Devil’s Fingers Fungus

I think it might look like something taken from the fantasy world, or straight out of an “Alien”or “Beetlejuice” film , but Clathrus archeri is actually a fungus.

Clathrus archeri, also known as Devil’s Fingers or octopus stinkhorn, is like another weird and unique animals and plants,  native to Australia and New Zealand. Nowdays it’s found throughout Europe and North America. The first sighting in Europe was in 1914, where it is thought spores of the fungus were brought over in military supplies for the First World War.


photo credit: BiteYourBum.Com Photography/Flickr

Despite its unappetizing appearance,the Devil’s Fingers is actually eatable. Although, you will have to overcome a smell very similar to rotting flesh.

Check out the timelapse video, below, to see one emerging from its “egg.”


5020246919_f77876f183_bPhoto credit: