USA – Top 10 Locations For Bigfoot Search


Bigfoot researchers know that this mysterious cryptid lives in different parts of the United States, in a different types of terrain and environments. Here is a useful top 10 list of a recommended locations for a Bigfoot search –


Lost Creek Wilderness, CO


Bigfoot sightings in the Colorado wilderness go back decades. This area is so active for Sasquatch, there are actual “Bigfoot crossing” warning signs posted. The area is a perfect habitat for Bigfoot and in fact, during the past 50 years, there have been hundreds of documented Bigfoot sightings in the wilderness areas of Colorado, some of which provide us with the best proof to date for the existence of sasquatch.





On a Sunday morning in April 1971 near the Lost Creek Wilderness Area.  A man and his girlfriend were hiking the area when they spotted a Bigfoot creature bent over near a pond.





“At first we thought it was a bear, but when he stood up erect and looked at us we knew it was not a bear. I don’t think I have ever felt fear like that day. The next two weekends we took several photographers up to Lost Creek and walked all over the area but found nothing.”


Monongahela National Forest, WV


The caves and crannies around West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest give Bigfoot lots of places to hide. The state has a high concentration of Bigfoot sightings dating to the 1960s.





This is supposed to be a bigfoot caught on trailcam in the Monongahela National Forest Bigfoot in West Virginia –





Redwoods State Park, CA


Bigfoot hunters say that the legend of the creature comes from the Redwood Forest. The towering trees, the tallest and oldest redwoods in the world, are the perfect place to hide a hulking Neolithic creature.





He was first spotted near the forest in 1958. The famous Patterson-Gimlin video was filmed here as well. Bigfoot has become a tourist attraction for the forest.





Valles Caldera National Preserve, NM


The isolated wilderness of the Valles Caldera National Preserve is prime Bigfoot country. People hear screams and knocking sounds when traveling through the wilderness.





Bigfoot hunters can take you on a tour through the wilderness to known Sasquatch locations. Bring your audio equipment, so you can record Bigfoot when you find him here.

Terry McDermott, public affairs specialist for the Trust, which oversees management of the Jemez Mountains preserve, said the impetus for staging the tours was an episode of “Finding Bigfoot” that aired last year on the cable network Animal Planet.

“They reported that there remained a possibility that there could be a Bigfoot in the Valles Caldera, so we are inviting people to find out for themselves,” McDermott said.

Valles Caldera is prime Bigfoot habitat, McDermott said, with elk herds roaming its nearly 90,000 acres of meadows and dense evergreen forests, streams to provide ample water and limited human activity.



Huron National Forest, MI


Bigfoot has been seen a lot in Northern Michigan. Look for the creature around the Huron National Forest. The Michigan Bigfoot Information Center is based in Michigan.





The Huron-Manistee National Forests received a request from the Bigfoot Field Researcher’s Organization (BFRO) to use National Forest System (NFS) land to hold a Bigfoot expedition that includes hiking and camping on the Mio Ranger District.

So if you find Bigfoot here, ask him as many questions as you can so you can report back to the Center.



North Cascades National Park, Washington, USA


Bigfoot is famous for living in North Cascades National Park, literally. “Harry and the Hendersons,” a movie about a Bigfoot living with an American family, was filmed around here and in several other Seattle-area locations.





An international team has returned from a Bigfoot investigating mission with a clear image that two world experts have been unable to identify.

The image and accompanying 1 sec film clip was taken by a trail camera in the team’s camp at approx. 02:30 on Tuesday 4th September 2012 in the North Cascades National Park.



The team spent two weeks in the area and although they experienced a plethora of “associated” Sasquatch activity, rock-throwing, screams, unexplained noises, they objectively could not say what these incidents were caused by. The image, however, shows an unidentifiable object situated between an extinguished campfire and two team members who were sleeping outside unaware.



Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN


Many areas of Tennessee are heavily forested, and that makes for perfect Bigfoot roaming grounds. Look for him in the gigantic Great Smoky Mountains national park.






There are more than 600 miles of trails through the forests, so you may have to roam for awhile before you find Bigfoot.



Uwharrie National Forest, NC


Photos and video of Bigfoot have been captured in the Uwharrie National Forest, though their authenticity has been questioned.





Montgomery County, North Carolina has come alive with stories and rumors of Bigfoot wandering throughout the Uwharrie National Forest. The hype surrounding this has caught the attention of the television show “Animal Planet”. In February 2011, Animal Planet sent a camera crew to begin the search for Bigfoot of the Uwharries.



Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, OR


You don’t have to go far to find Bigfoot. This area 20 miles east of Portland in the Mount Hood National Forest is prime spotting territory.





The co-host of “Finding Bigfoot” on Animal Planet has deemed the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness as one of the top 10 hot spots for sighting a Sasquatch.



Sam Houston National Forest, TX


Bigfoot sightings in Texas go back a long way. According to Texans, he’s been in the area since the Native Americans were using Texas as hunting grounds.




You’ll find him in the Sam Houston National Forest, a large and densely-forested area where it’s possible for almost anything to hide. It’s legal to hunt Bigfoot in Texas. So if you find him here, you know what to do.