What’s The Story Behind EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena


Known as one of the ussed, for some reason.best kind of evidence of afterlife, EVP is one of the more interesting areas of research, though not one widely disc

EVP  are recordings, usually audio, of voices that seemingly couldn’t be produced by any means other than paranormal. Thus it’s named “Electronic Voice Phenomena”. The stronger evidence is provided by the recording of messages relevant to those who hear it, like it would be through a human medium. There appear to be cases of visual EVP as well, such as recordings on VCRs and such.



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EVP are usually discounted by skeptics as being simple forms of radio interference. Some people believe the voices have a paranormal or demonic origin, others postulate that they are extraterrestrial attempts at communication, or that they may, in fact, be “projections” from the researcher.

In some of the  case the entities seems to enjoy engaging in dialogue, answering questions, or willingly supply secret, or highly specific personal information, no doubt as an indication of their greater insight.

Intense research and investigation, which seriously began in the fifties (when assumptions that they were enemy propaganda were nullified by the Allied victory), has revealed that EVP is quite possibly an actual, recurring system of interdimensional communication.

Interestingly enough, the EVP phenomenon was predicted by those reputed fathers of radio, Marconi and Thomas Edison who believed it was only a matter of time before such magnificent technology would enable us to communicate directly with the dead. Indeed, Edison even went so far as to suggest that the spirit world would perhaps be the first to initiate the communication by using radio to make contact with the living. He also worked on developing a “psychic telephone” that he hoped would create a means to converse with the discarnate, alas, without success.

It seems the honor of recording the first spirit voice on tape goes to the Reverend Drayton Thomas who, during his investigations of the abilities of the famous medium, Gladys Osborne Leonard, captured one of the audible, disembodied voices she had started producing on tape. He later identified one of them as the voice of his own father. This occurred sometime in the late 1940s.

The psychic Attila von Szalay, who frequently heard disembodied voices in the air around him, started researching the phenomenon with Raymond Bayless, a psychologist in the early 1950s.

At the end of the fifties, Friederich Jurgenson, a retired Swedish opera singer, film producer and bird-watcher, was occupied with a project recording wild bird songs in the forests near to his home. On playback he discovered that strange garbled fragments of seemingly human speech had somehow made their way onto the tape, although he was absolutely sure that he had been completely alone when he made the recording. He even recognized one of the voices as his dead mother calling his name.

Jürgenson began to hold conversations with the strange voices by recording questions and later searching the tape for answers. After four years of experimental recording, he announced his strange discovery to the world at an international press conference in 1963 and his book, Roesterna Fraen Rymden (Voices From the Universe) was published the following year in Stockholm.



One of the more prominent people who researched EVP was the Latvian-born Dr. Konstantin Raudive. He recorded thousands of EVP messages and, after he passed, was the messenger to his fellow researchers in their EVP experiments.


Here is a fascinating documentary work about the phenomenon and research – 


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