Gifted Make-Up Artist Creates Wonderful Optical Illusions With Sci-Fi Body Art Designs


A talented make-up artist  and Internet sensation  Hikaru Cho has created a range of fantastic designs which has gained attention from people all over the world.

The 22-year-old artist creates incredible 3D effect ‘hyper-real’ body art optical illusions using acrylic based paints to achieve the sci-fi look.



Image: Hikaru Cho


In her latest project she created 6 new face designs inspired by modern technology –



Hikaru’s themes included ‘wireless charging’ – where the neck of the model was almost completely blacked out giving the impression their heads were floating in mid air – and ‘swipe screens’ – where one side of the face was drastically changed to create the impression of movement.



Image: Hikaru Cho


Of her designs, Hikaru said: “I wanted to show the way that technology has become so integral to modern life.