Plymouth, UK – Paranormal activity detected at Devonport Guildhall

A team  of paranormal  investigators  experienced some spooky  two ‘ghost walks’ inside Devonport Guildhall. The building has a fascinating history which lends itself to ghost stories. Built in 1824, the building has seen a great deal of history transform the surrounding area, and the Column Bakehouse cafe was once the mortuary for the town of Devonport. The cells next door retain much of their original features, including iron bars over the windows and thick stone walls.





More than 30 eager ghost hunters took part in the three-hour session. The group tried their hand at ‘spiritual’ activities in the building’s various rooms, including a human pendulum re-enactment, a Ouija board demonstration and using their energy to ‘contact’ any spirits which may have been lingering in the building.



Images from the session:


Diana Stickney, from Devonport Guildhall, who took part in the ghost hunt for the first time, said: “There was an unsettling atmosphere from the beginning of the night.

“Lights flickered and rooms turned suddenly very cold. We were all a little anxious at the start, and we felt even more so as the night wore on.



Images from the session:


“I’ve never used a Ouija board before but I don’t think it’s something I’ll be delving into in the future.”

Clare Rodd and Nikki Davies led the sessions, and they encourage anyone to try the hunt, regardless of whether they believe in ghosts and spirits or not. Clare said: “We had a fantastic experience at Devonport Guildhall.

“We picked up a lot of paranormal activity, and witnessed some very strange occurrences in some parts of the building. Some members of the group reported being prodded and scratched.

“We also witnessed a lot of glass and table movement as we used our energy to make contact with the supernatural forces.”




Images from the session:


Louise Evans, Venue Manager at Devonport Guildhall, was excited at the prospect of a ghost hunt in the building. She said: “Devonport Guildhall has such a fascinating history, and the ghost walk was a great opportunity to explore what spirits may or may not be lingering in the building after dark. We welcome events such as this which give people the chance to come together and explore something new and exciting and slightly different.”


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