Weird Goblin Like Creature Photographed In China

A Chinese tourist has taken a photo of a creature hiding in the valleys of Huairou, in the north of Beijing. He was camping with some friends in the hilly region, not far from the Great Wall of China, when he saw it. 

“I walked far away to have a pee, and suddenly saw a monster. I took a few pictures of it, but I am now terrified.” 



Image: telegraph


The photo of the strange skin-coloured creature bending near plants and rocks is very exciting, some saying it looks like a goblin or Gollum from the Lord of the Rings films.

There are claims made by Beijing’s police that the creature was an actor wearing a costume,” clarified  “He was filming an advertisement.” 



Image: telegraph


“The actor has provided pictures of himself in the costume to prove it,” added the local government of Huairou, the county where the hiker took his snap. “The actor was taking a loo-break and was still wearing his costume”.

What do you think, was it a real mysterious creature and the story is covered up ? or was it an actor in a bizarre coincidence ?




Image: telegraph