Markawasi Stone Forest – Mysterious Stone Carvings And Interdimensional Portal

The Markawasi stone forest located in the Andes Mountains in Lima, Peru at 4,000 m above sea level.  Marcahuasi is home to a unique set of huge granite rocks with curious shapes resembling human faces, animals, and religious symbols.



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No one is sure how they formed, there are many theories as to their origins, including the assertion that their unusual shapes formed naturally through erosion.



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As if that isn’t weird enough, the real mystery is the possibility of an interdimensional door that is said to be located in the forest. A few researchers published information about the unexplained phenomenon, one of them was the late Daniel Ruzo, a Peruvian explorer. According to Ruzo, the previous humanity lived on earth in Proto-History; before our civilization. They were very advanced, able to travel world wide and left evidence of themselves in many places. This agrees with theories of the Hopi Indians suggesting we are not the first humanity to reach a degree of developmental sophistication, but probably the fourth or fifth.



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According to Dr. Robert M. Schoch ,Who visited and researched famous megalithic sites around the world: “Markawasi as a whole, I believe, represents one of the quintessential high holy spots on Earth.



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There are many ways to describe it: in terms of a power point or power place, a center of power, an Earth vortex, a chakra point of the living Gaia, or a congruence of planetary leys or ley lines. No matter what words are used in an attempt to express the nature of Markawasi, they will never do it full justice. The ineffable aspect of the plateau must be experienced.”



Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, an investigator of the unexplained in Lima, tells about another interesting testimony. A patient came to see him about her extreme case of Hemiplegia, a disorder that results in a complete loss of motor function in half of the body. When he inquired about her condition, she revealed that she had been camping with friends in the Markawasi. According to the patient, they had gone out exploring late in the night when suddenly they saw a torch-lit stone cabin filled with dancing revelers in 17th-century attire. The woman said she felt an otherworldly pull toward the cabin, but she was yanked away by one of her friends before she could fully enter. The incident left the side of her body that had entered the cabin paralyzed. Her test results revealed no discernible cause for her paralysis. Centeno believes the woman experienced a dimensional shift, producing a change in her nervous system’s energy flow.


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