News – Mysterious Megalithic caves uncovered in China

Chinese media reports  on a new significant megalithic site that includes 48 

ancient mysterious carved caves, discovered at a 3,000 square meter hilltop in 

Zhongxian county, Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality.





The caves are largely separate rooms, averaging 1.5 meters in height and one 

meter in width, varying from eight to 30 square meters. Some of them contain 

facilities that look like basins and stoves, and wall carvings of tigers and lions.




Archaeologists said the structures are mysterious in that no literature reported 

local people ever lived in caves. Their construction time and uses are not yet 

known, but some archaeologists proposed that they may date back to Han 

Dynasty (206 BC-220AD) or Tang Dynasty (618—907 AD).





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