Sacred Geometry, Rocket Science, Fractals, UfO’s And Architecture In A 3D Model Gifts By Tom Houha 2


Tom Houha is an Architect working in the Portland & Seattle area designing commercial and residential buildings. He also has a passion for designing 3D models and home decor that will adorn your space with a touch of art, science, and mathematics. He design and create unique Geometric and Architectural Model Kits:




Intricately detailed and mathematically designed his work is inspired by classic geometric forms that have been central to art, architecture and science throughout history. The collection also indulge another playful side with miniature Rockets, UFO’s and Architecture:







“I’ve always been interested in geometry and model building, especially paper models. I bought a laser cutter in 2008 and have been doing lots of fun little creative things with it, like making little model buildings, and 3-D Christmas cards, etc. The orbs (as I call them, even though they are not really ‘orbs’) were great to do because once I made the 5 basic shapes (triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon – all one-inch on a side) I could create an amazing variety of shapes, since they all fit together on the one-inch long edges. Adding the design to the one-inch tiles added a nice level of detail and the combination of the shapes together made some very cool effects.”



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  • Patty Mora

    Thank you so much for showcasing THD!

  • AManCalledDa-da