Light sculptures of artist Itzik Iluz

When i was talking face to face with Israeli artist Itzik Iluz he told me that  “The light found and gave me the gift of himself”. Looking at his geometric light sculpture i could totally understand what he meant.



Photo by: Liron Raviv


His work combines light, colors and geometry using high-tech programing, LED lamps and Perflex.

In his sculptures he use light as raw material that he pour into the geometric shape. He use transparent and clear material and build the statue in layers. Each layer is essentially similar to the adjacent layers, but also different from them at least in one attribute.
This combination is formed into a shape that expresses an idea. The light element is added to support the idea and express more faces of it. This is done by choosing colors, light movement, exchange rhythm and direction of movement.
Most of his works are created upon the thought that each object can be used for different purposes. On the one hand, it can be a sculpture – an artistic object with a statement. Changing size, materials, light features and environmental location, it can become a design object, that sculptural work is part of it.
An example is the sculpture – fingers of light that exists in a version with the Star of David and a version without it:



Another example are the sculptures – enlightened golden heart and big golden 

heart, that differ in size and airiness:




Photo by: Liron Raviv

IMG_3920Photo by: Liron Raviv