Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Haunted Reputation

The one acre parcel of land known as Bachelors Grove Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in south Cook County in Midlothian, IL. It is across from Rubio Woods Forest Preservation down an old quarter-mile gravel path that was an original section of Old Midlothian Turnpike that closed in the 1960’s. Since the 1950’s, many people told interesting stories about Bachelors Grove ghosts, from seeing strange lights to ghost cars.


Their first recorded burial at Bachelors Grove was in November of 1844. Yet it is possible that there was burials there dating back to the late 1830’s. The last burial seems to have come in 1965 and the cremated remains of a man were laid to rest in a family plot in 1989.

There is a small lagoon adjoining the cemetery that seemed well-known to the local gangsters in the 1920’s and 30’s. Police found numerous bodies and illegal firearms they attribute to victims of organize crime. The real crime against Bachelors Grove was to come in the 1960’s and 70’s however when a small section of Midlothian Turnpike was close isolating the cemetery.

It was during these years that the cemetery saw appalling grave desecration. Some graves were dug up and the remains robbed. Vandals would break, paint, topple over and even just outright remove gravestones. Some of this still goes on today with Halloween being the most active for vandals.

It was in the mid 1960’s when evidence of cult activity and satanic rituals came to light. The slaughtered remains of small animals have been found in the cemetery. Also found were inscriptions painted on trees, gravestones and on the grass.

With such a history involving this one cemetery, it is no surprise that there are many stories involving the sightings of Bachelors Grove ghosts.  Arguably one of the most famous stories comes from the early 1990’s. The picture taken to the right was with a 35mm camera typical of the time period by Jude A. Huff-Felz. Felz claims the woman in the picture was not present at the time, only appearing after developing the film. The Chicago Sun Times published the picture with this description sent in by Mr. Felz:

My name is Jude A. Huff-Felz and currently I live in Dixon, Illinois. I took this picture in the late 80′s or early 90′s at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetary in Midlothian, Illinois. It is taken in broad daylight on infrared.


The first paranormal activity reported from Bachelors Grove was that of a glowing blue ball of light. Those that encountered these lights say they displayed some form of intelligence. They would float around the grave sites just out of reach, blinking every fifteen to twenty seconds. Skeptics say this is just methane gas but the blue lights quit being reported in the late 1970’s. Now there are reports of a red light resembling the look of a comet, zooming up and down the main entrance.



One of the most outrageous story about Bachelors Grove ghosts doesn’t involve a person, living or dead. This is the story of the vanishing farmhouse. These are claims from the 1950’s when teenagers used the area as a lover’s lane. A beautiful white farmhouse appears in an area off the main entrance. People who have witness this says the house never seems to fully come into focus and when you start to walk towards it, it disappears.

In the 1870’s tragedy beget a farmer plowing the field near the lagoon. He got too close to the edge and his horse fell into the water dragging him and the plow with him. The horse and the farmer drowned. Almost 100 years later two forest rangers were sitting in the car taking a break when they looked over and saw the man and his horse come out of the lagoon and continue to plow the land he started on so many years ago.

There are a few versions of  Bachelors Grove ghosts in a car as well. Other drivers have reported driving pass the entrance and seeing a car parked on the side of the road. When they look back in the rear view mirror, no car is there. Others have claimed to have a car seemingly appear out of nowhere behind them at night with their lights on. When they get close to or pass the cemetery, the car disappears. Yet another story is that as you go around the sharp curve by the entrance, you collide with a 1940’s gangster looking car. After the initial surprise wears off, there is no car or any damage seen.

Early records show anywhere from 150-200 people were buried initially at Bachelors Grove cemetery, now only around 20 headstones remain.   It is sad what vandals, neglect and time has done to a place where so many were to rest in peace. In researching for this post, we found the Grove Restoration Project web site. It is not known how active it is so if you find out more, or experienced Bachelors Grove ghosts, pleased leave us a comment below.