Incredible Sacred geometry Light Illuminates Skatepark

Photographer Ben Matthews is a UK-based dentist by day and a light artist by night who frequently seems to have alien encounters at his local skatepark. Over the years, he’s become very skilled at capturing them on film as aliens are shy creatures. For the very first image, for example, he had to use a 12 ½ minute exposure. His images are not retouched but various ones may be pasted together. He explains the first image: “It’s actually a composite of images, which gives me a bit more flexibility in terms of taking time to get portions of it right.” (1)


For those who are curious about how to do light paintings, Ben has filmed himself during one of his projects, er, encounters. Here’s the link.

All the images are best viewed large, so make sure to visit Ben Matthews’ Flickr photostream – you’ll discover a new detail in every picture. We love it and hope that Ben will soon be able to spend less time on teeth and even more on photography.